Demolisher Heavy Tank

Assault Tank


Demolisher Heavy Tank (80 tons)

Power Plant : GM 240 Superload ICE
Cruise Speed : 33.5 kph (3)
Flank Speed : 54.7 kph (5)

Armor : Durandal 160 Standard (Armor Factor 160) : 10.0 tons
Front – 40
Right Side – 30
Left Side – 30
Rear – 20
Turret – 40

Armament :
Two (2) 185mm ChemJet Autocannon/20s (Turret)
Ammo (AC/20) : 20 (Body)

Manufacturer : Aldis Industries, Betelguese (Capellan Confederation); New Samarkand Metals, New Samarkand (Draconis Combine).
Communications System : Omicron 5000
Targeting and Tracking System : Omicron VII

Notes : 2,150,000 Cs.



Overview : Seized by Rim World’s Republic troops in 2767, Aldis Industries was all but destroyed during Aleksandr Kerensky’s liberation of Terra. Rebuilt under the auspices of Jerome Blake’s Terran Reconstruction program, Aldis has operated under the protection of the neutrality ComStar crafted for Terra.

In the early days of the First Succession War, , Aldis Industries engineers conceived a solution to the Mech technology problem. Their plan was to create a vehicle powerful enough to destroy any Mech,, but was attractive enough to worlds unable to afford Mech forces. Christened the Demolisher, the tank debuted in 2803 and has earned a reputation as one of the deadliest vehicles on the modern battlefield.

Capabilities : With two turret-mounted ChemJet 185mm autocannons, the Demolisher remains an intimidating machine. The titanic weapons use a popular propellant system that mixes two chemicals in suspension to propel a stream of huge shells at the luckless target. In older models, this produced an enormous amount of heat. As a result, crews had to wear special coolant suits because of the unbearably hot temperatures inside the tank during a sustained fire-fight. The current model has solved the problem by channeling most of the ejection gases out through the barrels.

Designed as a defensive weapon, the Demolisher is most effective in urban environments. Striking from hiding, the two massive autocannons can fell even an assault Mech with ease. However, the vehicle’s lack of secondary weapons makes it dependent on friendly infantry to screen against enemy light armor and infantry.

Deployment : The first Demolishers were an amazing success. Many worlds lacking a standing Mech force bought the vehicle in quantity. Often they neglected to acquire other heavy vehicles, so the tank became known for its ability to destroy anything on the battlefield, earning its title as the “Mech Slayer”. As the Succession Wars wore down the Inner Sphere’s industrial base, many militia-operated Demolishers were drafted into frontline combat units.

Variants : The original Mk 1 Demolisher utilized a four-tread suspension system, and this is the model that is most often thought of as a Demolisher to this day, as many remain in service across the Inner Sphere. The current production version, introduced in 2823 as the Mk II, sports an improved suspension system and has only two tread units. Some troops tend to remove armor to install defensive weapons to deal with infantry and light vehicles.

In an attempt to target sales at wealthy worlds, Aldis engineers installed a fusion engine in the Demolisher. Re-christened the “Devastator”, this vehicle carries an additional three Intek small lasers, a Zippo flamer, and a Holly SRM-6 launcher.

Demolisher Heavy Tank

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