Dingo Brand Corporation

Agricultural/Industrial Conglomerate



When first established, the “Dingo Brand Corporation” was a co-operative store in * Landhold : Garrison and was a novel concept. It consolidated the various local market services, most established some years earlier under Dingoes direction when they first took possession of the landhold, as a place for weekly market fairs in the Merctown portion of the local capital.

In early-3025, it was expanded with the idea of a co-operative “country store” to bring in outside goods cheaply, such as kerosene, soap, salt, and other “luxury” goods. Offering easy credit and low prices, it actually began paying the local farmers who used the facility in hard cash. This provided a means for marginal farmers to market their produce without having to bother with other third-party brokers, often based from the relatively distant capital at Ciudad Garcia. It was an instant success.

By late-3025, the co-operative opened an outlet in “The Factory”, and a second one in Ciudad Garcia, both depending a great deal on the logistics of Whippet Transport Lines to support its efforts. The agricultural produce from the Factory’s hydroponics facilities continued to play a key role in its orbital location, supplemented by meat and flour shipped to the station from the Dingoes own landholds around Garrison.

The company formally folded the Iron Dingoes various commercial interests and brands under its umbrella through late-3027, and it now operates as a very diverse conglomerate across two worlds. In addition to the various landhold properties of the Iron Dingoes, which generally provide agricultural produce (corn, rice, pork, vegetables, timber, palm oil, and processed fish), and a few basic minerals (coal, iron, lead and some gold & silver), the company also manages the various other brands under the Dingo Brand banner. In addition, it holds share interests in a few other holdings, that it doesn’t directly control.

Share Interests
Light Industrial – Horn Industries
Light Industrial – Indumil

Controlling Interests
Commercial – Blue Planet Utility Services
Commercial – “Buenaventura”
Commercial – * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa
Commercial – Whippet Transport Lines
Light Industrial – Cemex
Light Industrial – The Fuel Rats
Light Industrial – * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions
Heavy Industrial – * Husky Heavy Industries


The “Dingo Brand Co-Op” market has been nothing but a success in the years since its establishment, with all the unit’s landhold farmers choosing it for its immediate cash returns, ease of access, and relatively good selection of goods. Expansion of the local network has followed, with outlets opening in Ciudad Garcia and “The Factory” in late-3025. The compnay quickly assigned a co-op in each major settlement under the Iron Dingoes landhold banner, and each store continues to be a center of local culture, with several sprouting-up in Garrison’s various rural small sub-communities.

In early-3028, with the company largely secure in its holdings in Terramatrix, the company began looking to expand off-world to * Duchy of Tharn, where it had extensive agricultural and mining holdings. This process is slow, but seems likely to expand its income base appreciably.


Liberty Town HQ of the Dingo Brand Corporation

Since early-3025, the company has been building a headquarters located in the Liberty Town district of Ciudad Garcia, where land was inexpensive, and has become the centerpiece of an otherwise unremarkable part of the city. Another co-operative outlet has been established in an old grocery store across the street.

With its heavily armed security detachments, (mostly off-duty local police officers) the site is left alone by the community gangs, and has spurred an interest in small coffee shops and other upscale retail establishments and restaurants to be built in the nearby area. The facility, a state-of-the-art corporate holding with extensive computer connections and a small orbital communications grid, was completed in mid-3026, and houses * “The Iron Dingoes” efforts to legitimize its corporate holdings within the civilian sector.

Many of the civilian agricultural holdings of the Iron Dingoes bear the Dingoes Brand label, such as its corn and pork products from its small farmers, but also lumber from * Landhold : Miguel and palm oil from * Landhold : Izpek. Several other corporate interests, such as Blue Planet Utility Services, Cemex, and The Fuel Rats also fall under the management of this corporate holding, making it a true conglomerate and a force to be respected within the economy of The District of Garcia.

The corporation also began to import various cheap goods from its out-world holdings in System – Gollere, including * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions and * Husky Heavy Industries, as well as processed seafood, coal, iron and lead ore from their own landhold. These goods, mostly received as taxation from their private holdings, were shipped under the Dingo Brand, and fell under the corporation once in-system.

In mid-3027, the corporation came fully under the control of Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate” as its CEO, when he retired from the Iron DIngoes line force, and within a few weeks petitioned for entry into The Industrialist’s League, and with the backing of its oldest in-system ally, Mercado, it was accepted. It promptly folded its entire roster of company’s under its umbrella, to better streamline its logistics and services.

Today the company sits openly as an important economic pillar of the local district, and one of the quiet driving forces behind the development of the nation as a whole.

Advocate took a break in early-3028, traveling with the Dingoes main line on one last contract as a sort of “Hoorah”, but intending to return in 3029 and continue operations as CEO.

Dingo Brand Corporation

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