Dumassas Militia Field Kit

Typical Regular Infantry Field Kit


The standard Regular Army Field Kit issued to most infantry forces on System – Dumassas.

Considered third-line reserve (or “Vintage”) equipment by most Inner Sphere nations, this infantry field kit is generally the best that can be procured by local military manufacturing facilities in the Periphery.

Consisting of a simple flak jacket and metal alloy helmet, the basic kit is heavier and bulkier, but generally cheaper to produce. The kit does, however, use simpler boots and gloves that provide no protection to shrapnel or other damage, and the legs and arms tend to take the worst of any combat damage, as the basic BDUs are simple cotton/synthetic weaves that are not improved in any way. They include neither an integral flash suppression system nor any integral communications devices.

Equipment Rating : C-B-A
BAR : Jacket : 1/4/0/2, Helmet : 1/4/0/2
Cost/Patch : Jacket : 500/100, Helmet : 250/100
AFF : Iron Dingoes, Taurian Concordat
Mass : Jacket : 3.1 kg, Helmet : 1.1 kg
Coverage : Torso, Head

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Often mass-produced under relatively primitive (by 3025 standards), these kits tend to have few extra accessories. Most include a canteen, ammunition belt/bandoleer, and a haversack to carry other supplies deemed necessary by whatever national force equipped them. Typically this includes emergency rations packs, flares, entrenching tools (shovels), bedrolls, a compass, wire cutters and at least one field medical kit.

On Dumassas, they are also equipped with either the traditional Periphery BM-118 Assault Rifle, or the more modern HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle locally produced in two manufacturing facilities ( San Marcos and Sangria ). Pistols and revolvers are locally manufactured handguns and vary from nation to nation, but are usually smaller caliber models. Support weapons vary as well, but are typically national variants of the 60mm Light Mortar, IMC-40 Grenade Launcher or rarely the Milkor MGL. A commonly seen support weapon among “Jungle” troops near the equator, is the Zippo “Incinerator” Man-Pack Flamer. Very few deploy imported Heavy SRM Pack Launchers, though some elite “Anti-Armor” units carry such heavy ordnance.

At the platoon level, heavier support weapons appear, usually national variants of the Infantry Support MG, SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle or RPG-7H Launcher. At the battalion level, support weapons tend to include batteries of either the MP-75mm Anti-Tank Gun or the Sniper Field Artillery Piece, depending on the unit’s designation as either anti-tank or artillery. There is rarely anything heavier or encountered in most Dumassas infantry field formations.

Mobile formations are typically equipped with simple, locally produced Jeeps and Light Utility Transports. “Royal” or elite units, usually a handful of such units per nation, are equipped with imported Tracked APCs and Wheeled APCs, and designated “Mechanized”. The Hover APC tends to be rare in Dumassas infantry formations, primarily due to the planet’s rough terrain and a preference for cheaper models. Rare units employ the Pegasus Utility Helicopter to be “Air Mobile”, though some import heavier helicopters for specific elite units.

Dumassas Militia Field Kit

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