Drillson Heavy Hover Tank

Fast Attack Cavalry Tank


Drillson Heavy Hover Tank (50 tons)

Power Plant : MaxLift 215 Fusion
Cruise Speed : 97.3 kph (9)
Flank Speed : 151.5 kph (14)

Armor : ArcShield Heavy (Armor Factor 104) : 6.5 tons
Front – 24
Right Side – 19
Left Side – 19
Rear – 18
Turret – 24

Armament :
One (1) Cyclops Eye Large Laser (Turret)
Two (2) Hovertec SRM-2 Launchers (Turret)
Ammo (SRM) : 50 (Body)
One (1) Light Crossbow LRM-10 Rack (Front)
Ammo (LRM) : 12 (Body)
Two (2) Kicker MGs (Front)
Ammo (MG) : 100 (Body)

Manufacturer : Cyclops Incorporated, New Earth (Lyran Commonwealth).

Communications System : Cyclops 1
Targeting and Tracking System : Evil Eye

Notes : Cost = 2,500,000 Cs. Crew : 3; The Drillson can fire its weapons without penalties in darkness or without line-of-sight, and has no need for a forward observer.

The Drillson can fire its weapons in total darkness or its missiles without line of sight with no penalties, and has no need for a forward observer.



Overview : In 3025, Cyclops Incorporated on New Earth released the Drillson Heavy Hover Tank to the Lyran military. Its combination of heavy armor, speed, and hitting power made it an instant favorite of even the hidebound Lyran generals, and Cyclops soon had its job cut out for it meeting the deluge of orders from both the Lyran Commonwealth and their allies, the Federated Suns.

Capabilities : The centerpiece of the Drillson is its electronics. The Evil Eye targetting and tracking system a revolutionary 360-degree vision system similar to the HUD system of BattleMechs, proves itself as one of the finest conventional electronics suites in use.

The Drillson’s main gun is the Cyclops Eye large laser system. The Cyclops Eye is unique among large lasers in that it doesn’t use the long and vulnerable focusing “barrel” common to other lasers. Instead, the weapon fires from a “slit” in the turret, giving the turret a more sleek and aerodynamic aesthetic. While the engineering is dissimilar from standard laser weaponry, the performance of the Cyclops Eye is indistinguishable from compatible laser models from more common manufacturers, such as Diverse Optics or Martell.

A bow-mounted Crossbow LRM system gives the tank sting at range, while a pair of Hovertec SRM-2 systems and twin Kicker MGs provide the Drillson’s close in firepower. A top speed of over 150 kph is, however, the Drillson’s best defense.

What truely endears the Drillson to Lyran commanders is its impressive armor. With almost seven tons of ArcShield armor on the chassis, the Drillson can take more punishment than most hover tanks.

Deployment : The rapid expansion of production has allowed this tank to swiftly spread across the Inner Sphere, although the lion’s share of tanks remains in the allied nations of the Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns. Capellans lump their few into battalions for their Home Guard and mercenary units, such as MacCarron’s Armored Cavalry.

There are persistent rumors of ComStar approaching Cyclops for their newly revealed Com Guards units, but this is unsupported.

Variants : The only factory-approved variant of the Drillson is a model that removes the long-range missile rack for more lighter HoverTec models. Often deployed in urban garrison assignments, where the longer-ranged missiles are not required, most Capellan versions are of this model.

Drillson Heavy Hover Tank

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