DVM-3 MiningMech

Mining IndustrialMech


DVM-3 MiningMech MOD-B (45 tons)

Chassis : DeValt MM-2600-2

Power Plant : ConLee 105 Fusion
Cruise Speed : 23.2 kph (2)
Flank Speed : 32.4 kph (3)
Jump Jets : Luxor Load Lifters
Jump Capacity : 60m (2)

Armor : DeValt Heavy Industrial (Armor Factor 96) : 6.0 tons
Head – 3/6
Center Torso – 11/14
Rear – 4
Right Torso – 8/11
Rear – 3
Left Torso – 8/11
Rear – 3
Right Arm – 6/11
Left Arm – 6/11
Right Leg – 8/11
Left Leg – 8/11


DVM-3H Variant :
1 DeValt Rock-Cutter (RA)
1 DeValt Laser Mining Drill (LA)
1 DeValt Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Crane Hoist (LT)
2 Searchlights (RT, LT)
3 Jump Jets (CT, RT, LT)
2 MechTracks (RL, LL)
Environmental Seals (All Locations)
1 “Bulldog” MG (RT)
Ammo (MG) – (100) (RT)

DVM-3S Variant :
1 Generic Salvage Arm (RA)
2 Generic Light Fluid Extraction Systems (RA)
Cargo (Liquid) -1 ton) (RA)
1 Generic Spot Welder (LA)
1 Generic Rivet Gun (LA)
Ammo (Rivet) – (150) (RA)
1 DeValt Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Crane Hoist (LT)
3 Jump Jets (CT, RT, LT)
2 MechTracks (RL, LL)
Environmental Seals (All Locations)
1 “Bulldog” MG (RT)
Ammo (MG) – (100) (RT)

Communications System : 05P Rangewander
Targeting & Tracking System : DeValt Comp-1 w/ Advanced “Assay”

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/2 : n : n : n : 90 : 6 : 25 : 3 : 8 : – : n : n


Overview : Simply called the “MiningMech”, the DVM-3 is a standard humanoid IndustrialMech designed by the now defunct production firm of DeValt Industries, for asteroid mining. Actually a ground-up redesign of the original licensed design from Duratron, it remains rare but popular, especially among larger corporations able to meet its high cost. With its traditional rock cutter, industrial-grade armor and mining drill the MVD-3 appears typical as an IndustrialMech, while its fusion engine, jump jets and advanced targeting system raise its costs, they are considered essential to its operations and designated markets.

Capabilities : The MiningMech is equipped with a rock cutter assembly resembling a sharply angled “T” in its right arm, a bulbous triple drill in the left arm, and a heavy-duty hoist in its left torso. An advanced analysis system (called the “Assay” Array) determines the vapor of the medium being worked on and gives a warning if the drilling lasers encounter ice (which might cause a dangerous steam eruption in zero-g environments).

The MiningMech is armored to protect it against meteor strikes and debris. It was lightly armed with a simple “Bulldog” MG and a half-ton of ammunition, to deter casual piracy.

Designed for use in asteroid mining, its surface is typically a smooth-polished silvery metal to achieve improved visibility on sensors. It also sports zenith and nadir camera displays for the views directly above and below the ’Mech, to aid its zero-g operations. Using the rock cutter as a spike to brace against torque while drilling in zero-g was reported as “…the number one cause of downtime for the MiningMechs…”, as this was a popular maneuver, yet the rock cutter assembly was not designed to withstand such stress.

Deployment : Ancient, and markedly one of the first widely-sold MiningMechs, the DVM-3 is found anywhere an environmentally sealed Mining vehicle might be required. Asteroid miners tend to lovingly maintain these machines in their clans for centuries, and most can date their origins to the Golden Years of the Star League. Most Inner Sphere operations tend to stick to the tried and more modern RCL-1 Dig King.

Variants : The DVM-3H MiningMech is the most common variant, known best as the “Hole-Puncher”,. Equipped with a light pile driver in the right arm removing the traditional rock-cutter, it has proven to be a popular model among Periphery asteroid miners.

The Dingo SalvageMech DVM-3S is a radical change of components, using the same frame, engine and other critical components as the DVM-3, but changes the arm-mounted industrial tools for salvage implements to assist its technical salvage crews with distinction and pride. It is a multi-environmental machine, useful in both vacuum and swamp, wherever it needs to be called upon for service.

DVM-3 MiningMech

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