Garcia's Regional Airine


Easyfly is a regional, low-cost carrier that operates in The Republic of Sangria. Its main focus is to serve intermediate cities and those not served by other carriers. Its main hub was El Dorado International Starport, in San Succi, but has since relocated to Ciudad Garcia in 3024. Alfonso Ávila, the founder of EasyFly, was also one of the founders of Aero República in 3000.

Trade Symbol : EasyFly
Home Office : System – Dumassas
President/CEO : Alfonso Ávila
Founding Date : October 7th, 3016.


EasyFly V41 at El Dorado International Starport

The EasyFly air fleet consists of twelve (12) popular Federated-Boeing Airstream-V41 prop-driven planes. Capable of hauling up to 30 passengers in a single flight, the fleet connects to each regional capital with four (4) flights a day. Crew requirements are three (two pilots and a steward), and its range is roughly 1400 kms.


Operations started in October 3016, with one (1) Federated-Boeing “Airstream-V41” aircraft. The company has consistently provided safe and secure service, and is popular among business travellers and tourists.

Fuel shortages, and the Sangrian civil conflict now called the 1000 Days War, limited these flights further, however, and brought a hub change to Ciudad Garcia, to secure the fleet and its entire future. Although AvGas became easier to acquire in San Succi, the company maintains its headquarters and fleet hub in Ciudad Garcia, largely due to its ease of plane maintenance, and growing importance in the industrial demands of the district.

Today, the fleet operates largely as a regional feeder airline for Avianca, and is generally allowed to operate how and where it will. It has no plans to improve its coverage any further, however.


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