ED-X4 "Crosscut" LoggerMech

Forestry IndustrialMech


ED-X4 “Crosscut” LoggerMech (30 tons)

Chassis : Eden Quad Multi-Flex

Power Plant : GM 60 ICE Turbine
Cruise Speed : 42.6 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.4 kph (6)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None
Heat Sinks : -

Armor : Durallex Commercial Light (Armor Factor 42) : 4.0 tons
Head – 3/4
Center Torso – 10/5
Rear – 3
Right Torso – 7/5
Rear – 3
Left Torso – 7/5
Rear – 3
Right Arm – 5/3
Left Arm – 5/3
Right Leg – 7/4
Left Leg – 7/4

Armament :
One (1) Chainsaw (RA)
One (1) Bluth Kargo Klamp Lift Hoist (LA)

Manufacturer : Various; Terra, Kathil, New Avalon, Skye (Primary production Facilities).
Communications System : Doering Hi-Def Mk II
Targeting & Tracking System : None (LOS)

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/1 : n : n : n : 45 : – : As Weapon : 0 : 25 : -3 : n : n.

Notes : -


Overview : LoggerMechs like the Crosscut dominate commercial forestry in woodlands across the Inner Sphere, being one of the few vehicles operating effectively in teh combination of rugged terrain and the close confines of massive trees. Indeed, the use of crude forestry walkers predates modern Mechs by centuries, with multi-legged versions having been in experimental use since the early twenty-first century.

Capabilities : Designed to both fell trees and to transport them to a central point for processing, the Crosscut is a hybrid design built for small-scale independent operations rather than lumber-farming concerns of some worlds that field dedicated felling and transportation vehicles. Initially designed by the Eden Corporation of Terra during the Star League, the Crosscut was licensed throughout the Inner Sphere and this prevalence allowed the design to survive Eden’s demise in the Amaris Coup and the wars that followed.

Though many BattleMechs pilots deride IndustrialMechs and their operators, the Crosscut and its siblings require considerable pilot skill and those who master them have proven to become competent MechWarriors. Indeed, some regional training academies in the Free World’s League use the Crosscut as a training and familiarization platform before graduating cadet-pilots to dedicated BattleMech trainers like the CHM-3 Chameleon “Training Scout”. Furthermore, some worlds have employed Crosscuts in a military role, either using their twin chainsaws as unwieldy weapons or jury-rigging weaponry to the arms and torsos. Despite this, the slow and lumbering Mech is not well protected – its four tons of armor are a mid-grade industrial composite, designed to protect the chassis and drive train from the bumps and scrapes associated with logging, rather than defending against hostile action.

Deployment : At least two dozen factories across the Inner Sphere produce the Crosscut today, each following the original design closely, though utilizing local components and adding unique (often cosmetic) touches. The only significant modification to the Star League version is the replacement of the original fusion power plant (found on a handful of very ancient Crosscuts that have escaped military scavenging operations during the Succession Wars) with an ICE power plant. That the design has remained effective and popular despite this change is a testament to its design and versatility.

Variants : The Crosscut’s chainsaw-and-lift-hoist configuration has changed little over the years, being ideally suited to forestry operations. Occasionally twin-saw variants have appeared, but for the most part, these are custom orders for pilots or companies who favor the efficiency of two cutting blades. in addition to forestry work, some Crosscut variants have been used as part of demolition teams, usually trading the lift-hoist and some armor in favor of the twin Dual-Saws that can cut through ferrocrete and girders as easily as the standard Crosscut fells trees.

ED-X4 "Crosscut" LoggerMech

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