Eden's Promise Cache - The List

Looted contents from the Eden's Promise Cache


In addition to the listed items below, the unit scavenged various vehicles, Mechs and other items that have been placed in other regular unit rosters. The following items include those which did not have a place anywhere else.

Repair Facility Equipment – 110 tons

  • 100 tons – Machine Shop : A collection of metal lathes, plasma torches, various worktables with clamps and vices, and hauling gantries. Fabrication of spare parts is possible with this equipment, making any designated hangar bay a “Field Repair Base”. (1,000,000 Cs for the unit).
  • 10 tons – Recirculation Pumps : Venting and air fans required to keep a repair facility clean of foul air. (10,000 Cs per ton).

Missile Ammunition Reserves – 100 tons

  • 30 tons – SRM Ammo (Standard)
  • 10 tons – SRM Ammo (Inferno)
  • 50 tons – LRM Ammo (Standard)
  • 10 tons – LRM Ammo (Thunder)

PPC Loads – 49 tons

  • 7 PPCs

Spare Parts for Vehicles – 10 tons

  • 2 tons – Wheeled Repair Components
  • 2 tons – Tracked Repair Components
  • 3 tons – Hover Repair Components
  • 3 tons – VTOL Repair Components

Spare Parts for BattleMechs – 75 tons

  • 25 tons – Actuator, Gyro, and Engine Shielding Parts
  • 25 tons – 20 tons Armor Patches, 5 tons Internal Structure
  • 25 tons – 10 Cockpits, 10 Life Support Units, and 5 Sensor Units

Electronic Components – 2 tons

  • 2 tons – Weaponry Components

Special Food Storage – 20 tons

  • 10 tons – Seed Grains : Vacuum-packed bags of seeds for various crops, namely wheat, corn, oats, soybeans, rice and sorghum.
  • 10 tons – Military Rations : Various vacuum-packed typical field rations and consumables. There is sufficient here (with rationing) to feed 5000 people (a colony) for a growing season.

Soft Goods – 15 tons

  • 5 tons – Standard SLDF Formal Uniforms : Olive Drab infantry and technician dress uniforms, complete with gloves, high boots and cap. The sewn star of the SLDF is prominently placed over the left breast.
  • 5 tons – Winter Parkas : Typical SLDF winter combat fatigues, in seasonal winter camo pattern (light green and white).
  • 5 tons – Combat Boots and Packs : Civilian production models done in a military style.

Misc Equipment – 135 tons

  • 100 tons – Strategic Metals : Supplies of scarce metals used in the production of advanced tools and equipment, such as titanium, chromium, vanadium and so on. These are stockpiles of refined metal forge bars stored in stacks, though rather plain and silvery-looking, with no obvious differentiating markings or features. Invaluable to any government or initial industrial efforts in establishing a production plant.
  • 15 tons – Medical Supplies : Extensive supplies in the form of personal medical kits, surgical instruments, and even several tons of unrefined simple drugs (like morphine). The drugs require purification and processing before they can be used.
  • 5 tons – Portable Fusion Generators : A collection of fusion generators, ranging in size from portable 2.5 KW units to a large 500 KW unit mounted on a trailer.
  • 10 tons – Personal Equipment and Small Arms : Enough M6D Pistols, S&W MA37 Assault Rifles, Light Ablative/Flak Armor, and “Butterfly” SRM Launchers to equip three (3) companies (twelve 12 Squads) of SRM Infantry. There is also sufficient equipment (tents, packs, cookers and other field supplies) to keep them in the field.
  • 5 tons – Jump Pack Kits : A collection of jump packs and other related equipment sufficient to create several companies (fifty 50 Squads) of Jump Infantry.

Eden's Promise Cache - The List

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