EGL-R6 Eagle

Heavy AeroFighter


EGL-R6 Eagle (75 tons)

Power Plant : Vlar 300
Cruise Speed : 64.0 kph (6)
Flank Speed : 97.2 kph (9)

Heat Sinks – 25

Armor : StarSlab/2 (Armor Factor 224) : 14.0 tons
Nose – 80
Right Wing – 52
Left Wing – 52
Aft – 40

Armament :
Three (3) Magna Mk III Large Lasers (Nose, RW, LW)
Four (4) Magna Mk II Medium Lasers (Nose, RW, LW, Aft)

Manufacturer : Imstar AeroSpace, Atreus (Free World’s League); Wangker AeroSpace, Axton (Federated Suns); Lockheed-CBM, Gibbs (Lyran Commonwealth).

Communications System : Datacom 26
Targeting & Tracking System : Dynatec 990



Overview : One of the earliest examples of a heavy aerospace fighter ever produced, the Eagle was also House Marik’s first attempt at a heavy aerospace superiority fighter. At seventy-five tons its is a rugged machine, and the design philosophy of the craft was so simple that the airframe has survived and remained regular use to the current day. The first Eagle flew in 2324, a primitive example of aerospace fighters but still a solid design of the time. It has steadily updated and kept in production, and is considered one of the yardsticks in the aerospace industry that modern fighters are measured against.

Capabilities : The Eagle as it exists today is an extra-atmospheric interceptor and interdiction fighter introduced by ImStar AeroSpace of Atreus in 2601. Carrying a mixture of reliable laser weaponry, the Eagle was intended for widespread use away from established lines of supply. ImStar’s marketing during the first half of the 2600s was directed at the poorer worlds of the League, which explains the Eagle’s egalitarian components and design.

Although lacking the acceleration of the heavy aerospace fighters of the SLDF, the Eagle compares favorably with many of the standard heavy fighters of the Succession Wars, rivalling the middle-weight Stingray for acceleration, and even outperforming the Davion Stuka in sheer acceleration. Its fuel capacity is sufficient, though not outstanding, when compared with similar aerospace craft in its weight class.

The Eagle carries a mix of Magna lasers; three large lasers for primary ranged fire, and a bevy of smaller, medium-scale lasers for dog-fighting. An array of twenty-five heat sinks allows the fighter to fire its weapons in volley, and opponents rarely ignore subsequent salvos. The Eagle is generously armored for its size, allowing it to stay in combat for a greater period of time before being forced to retire.

Deployment : During the Star League years, the Eagle was the primary fighter used by the Marik Militia and its provincial forces, but the loss of the ImStar production line during the First Succession War took with it the FWL’s ability to produce new models. Since then, the number of Eagles in Marik service has steadily declined, while those in other Houses have been maintained or even increased.

Davion spies stole the plans for the ImStar Eagle just prior to the destruction of the plant (leading many to claim the plant was sabotaged) and by the Second Succession War was in full production in that state by Lockheed-CBM on Gibbs, and later on Axton by Wangker AeroSpace. The fighter has gained widespread acceptance in the House Davion March Militias. During the horrible attrition of the Third Succession War, many front-line RCTs even replaced their Stukas with new Eagles.

Variants : Several variations of the Eagle exist, from earlier pre-Star League primitive versions to upgrades found among the prosperous core worlds on House Davion. A number of low-tech versions exist, having proliferated through the Succession Wars, and they continue to fly with planetary militias and mercenary forces. The R4 Eagle, with its five medium lasers, two large lasers and industrial-grade armor, is a typical example of a backwater Outback Eagle.

One variant replaces the large lasers with two Hellstar PPCs and an additional heat sink. The PPCs are placed on the wings, and this variant, named the R9 Eagle, is primarily used in orbital operations as a defense against DropShips. Another variant, the R10 Eagle, is an attempt to create a ground-attack fighter, removing the wing-mounted large lasers, and replacing each with three medium lasers and two heat sinks.

EGL-R6 Eagle

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