Elemental Cargo Airship


Elemental Cargo Airship (1000 tons)

Power Plant : Electric (Solar) (300.0 tons)
Cruise Speed : 13.4 kph (1)
Flank Speed : 26.6 kph (2)

Heat Sinks – None

Armor : Light Industrial (Armor Factor 94 – BAR 2) : 1.5 tons
Front – 33
Right Side – 21
Left Side – 21
Rear – 21

Armament :
Cargo Bay (Standard : 195.0 tons) : 1 Door (Floor)

Communications System : Regional Radio X1
Targeting and Tracking System : None
Manufacturer : Elemental Thrust, System – Gollere

Note : Cost – 310,000 Cs. Crew : 2 Officer, 5 Enlisted. 4 Passenger Seats (1.5 tons). Civilian Radio (120 kms). 3 Lift Hoists (9 tons), 10 Mounted Searchlights (5 tons, 2 Front/2 Rear/ 3 RS, 3 LS).

Passenger Conversion : 1/2 Cargo Bay (90 tons), Light Vehicle Bay (50 tons), 20 Second-Class Passenger Quarters (140 tons), and five (5) First-Class Passenger Quarters (50 tons).



Overview : Known in some circles simply as an Elemental, the Elemental Cargo Airship is the bread and butter of the System – Gollere corporation, Elemental Thrust. Commercially available for use as both an exploratory craft, and a cargo transport craft for frontier regions, it sees use in nearby systems as a support for resource extraction. The design was taken from the popular “Dawn Treader” series of Davion non-rigid aircraft, and remains a staple of several worlds in the Periphery.

Capabilities : Airships are a common sight among the Periphery worlds, commonly in support of mineral extraction efforts. Originally designed by Capriole Dynamics as an upgrade from previous models, the original design included fuel cells and an ICE power plant. These were removed, fitting the upper shells with solar power plants to take advantage of the a planet’s constant sunshine above the cloud cover.

The vessel’s nearly 100 tons of cargo allows it haul timber and packaged mineral ores from remote sites at a relative fraction of the costs other vehicles might require, and they don’t require extensive services at such remote sites.

Deployment : Primarily seen in System – Gollere and some of its neighboring systems, the vessel also sees some popularity among Davion corporations seeking cheap resource exploitation. Elemental Thrust uses the vehicle as its primary production export, and values it accordingly.

Variants : While there are no specific line production variants, many are modified by halving their cargo bays to include two levels of passenger quarters and a light VTOL bay for transit of these passengers to the ground. By retaining a cargo bay in these vessels, they can keep costs down through small package courier services among frontier communities. These vessels also serve some planet’s as tour vehicles to frontier sites, often in conjunction with off-world wealthy seeking “…the simple life…”.

Elemental Cargo Airship

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