Hover Limo "Elite"

High-Class Hover Transport


Hover Limo “Elite” (40 tons)

Power Plant : 265 ICE (Unknown)
Cruise Speed : 116.2 kph (11)
Flank Speed : 193.6 kph (17)

Armor : Durallex Light (Armor Factor 32) : 4.0 tons
Front – 8
Right Side – 8
Left Side – 8
Rear – 8
Turret – -

Armament : None

Communicationms System : Lassitor 2MA
Targeting and Tracking System : -
Manufacturer : Andurien AeroTech (Discontinued 2796)

Notes : -


Air cars range from 30-50 tons in size, and are a standard form of hovercraft transport used in the Successor States. Such vehicles can carry four to twelve passengers and often large amounts of cargo. Their engine ratings vary unit to unit, averaging from 175-rating to 265-ratings, depending on its purpose and unit size.

The “Elite” is a hover limo, employing a pair of turbine-driven life fans to generate a cushion of air that propels the vehicle along about one meter off the ground, and maneuvers by adjusting the rate and direction of those fans. Able to travel over most level terrain(including Rough and Lakes/Rivers) without difficulty. The outer hull has been armored to withstand common small arms fire, and even lighter infantry support weapons, though its internal lift-system components are fragile.

Built by Andurien AeroTech, a firm that traditionally produced light system defense fighters, they dabbled in producing luxury aircraft and hover vehicles during the waning “Golden Years” of the Star LEague. Soon after the wide-scale destruction of manufacturing plants across the Inner Sphere during opening shots of the First Succession Wars, production of luxury items took a back-seat and the line was discontinued in favor of more light aircraft. Existing air cars of a luxury model such as the “Elite” are exceedingly rare to find in good condition, though some collectors have been known to hide them away for personal use, and they can be found by dedicated agents. Their actual price tends to far exceed their listed book price, if in mint or near-mint condition.

Hover Limo "Elite"

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