Endo-Steel (Prototype)

LosTech Internal Structure


The Terran Hegemony developed endo-steel structure in the 25th century, jealously guarding that incredible until it inevitably proliferated throughout the rest of the Inner Sphere. The secrets of endo-steel ultimately found their way into the Periphery, though by the beginning of the Reunification War very few combat units outside the Terran Hegemony had yet been refit with endo-steel frames.

Designed exclusively for use in BattleMechs, the internal structure uses advanced zero-G manufacturing techniques that uniformly blend an exotic steel alloy to produce “Mech Bones” that are twice as strong as standard structural materials, though three times as bulky. This process was initially lost during the early Succession Wars, when military orbital factories were favored targets by raiders.

The ES-P internal structure functions as a traditional Inner Sphere endo-steel internal structure, as per standard rules ( Techmanual pg. 47 ), with the following exceptions. The unit takes up three (3) critical slots per location. The unit costs a base 1600 Cs per ton to produce.

Notes : Critical rolls against ES-P internal structure ignore the critical and must be re-rolled.


Introduced : 2487 (Terran Hegemony), 2582 (Taurian Concordat)
Extinct : 2850 (Inner Sphere)
Recovered : 3023 (Iron Dingoes)

Found in the lost data vault of Blue Rock Candy Mountain, this technology has yet to be put into limited production by the Iron Dingoes.

Endo-Steel (Prototype)

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