ENF-4R Enforcer

Medium Mech of the Line


ENF-4R Enforcer (50 tons)

Chassis : Dorwinion Standard

Power Plant : Nissan 200
Cruise Speed : 43.5 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.1 kph (6)
Jump Jets : McCloud Specials
Jump Capacity : 120 m (4)

Armor : Starshield (Armor Factor 144) : 9.0 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 16/23
Rear – 4
Right Torso – 12/17
Rear – 3
Left Torso – 12/17
Rear – 3
Right Arm – 8/14
Left Arm – 8/14
Right Leg – 12/20
Left Leg – 12/20

Armament :
One (1) Federated Autocannon (RA)
Ammo (AC/10) : 10 (RT)
One (1) ChisComp 43 Special Large Laser (LA)
One (1) ChisComp 32 Small Laser (LT)
Jump Jets (2xRL, 2xLL)

Communications System : Achernar Electronics HICS-11
Targeting & Tracking System : Federated Hunter

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/2 : y : n : n : 180 : 6 : 25 : 5 : 8 : – : n : n

Notes : 3,500,000 Cs.



Overview : With the Star League destabilizing, First Prince John Davion was building up his forces. The Federated Suns was in the midst of its love affair with the autocannon, so when Acernar BattleMechs technicians stumbled over forgotten blueprints for an unbuilt autocannon-armed BattleMech, they use it as the basis for a new design.

The new Enforcer was rushed through development and was commissioned in 2777, and over the course of the Succession Wars the Enforcer became the workhorse of House Davion.

Capabilities : The original plans called for two medium lasers on the left arm, but Achernar engineers discovered the left arm was strong enough to sport a large laser instead. Matching the range of the Class-10 autocannon, the combination of weapons allows the Enforcer to act as a mobile barrage vehicle. In this combat role, it lays down a constant and withering pattern of fire, either as a prelude to an offensive or to blunt an approaching enemy’s attack.

As good as the autocannon is, the Enforcer’s one major flaw is that it can carry only 10 rounds of ammunition. To address this issue, Enforcers carry ten-round clips that are easily slipped into and out of the Mech’s back. If possible, a truck and crane system parked close to Enforcers in battle allow a rapid reloading of the Mech’s autocannon. If battles prove too mobile, and the Enforcer is unable to retire to a rear-loading station, its pilot must ration their ten shots carefully.

The Enforcer serves the AFFS as a trooper Mech. Though it has no hands, the Mech has been a proven brawler with thick frontal armor and simple jump capability. In the hands of a good MechWarrior, the Enforcer can stand up well against all other Mechs in one-on-one combat. Only Mechs that are able to withstand two or three solid hits from autocannon and laser are too tough for an Enforcer to handle alone. The Enforcer has also garnered a reputation as an excellent city sniper. If the pilot is familiar with the city in question, he can hit and run numerous times, returning to a forward loading station for reloading, while the enemy blunders about trying to locate him.

What the Enforcer cannot take, are attacks to its rear torsos, where armor is weaker than that of even some light Mechs.

Deployment : One of the few Mechs that the Federated Suns manufactures in quantity, Enforcers are found in almost every BattleMech battalion regularly.

Variants : Engineers have attempted to increase the ammunition capacity of the autocannon for centuries, usually surrounding rebuilding the torso using Star League recovered technology.

ENF-4R Enforcer

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