Engineer's Tool

The "Monkey Wrench"


The Engineer’s Tool is a basic set of surplus wire cutters, purchased in a large lot (and subsequently acquired by almost every technical member) to supply the unit with what is considered its most valuable tool. Essentially a low-tech set of bolt cutters, it is often carried in a special sheath attached to every technician’s kit.

Equipment Rating : B-A-A
Cost/Reload : 10Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 0.5 kgs

Notes : Allows automatic use as a Basic Lock Pick Set (+2 to Security Systems Roll to Pick-Locks only), though the lock is destroyed in the process. Also doubles as a crowbar in need.



First deployed to all techs following the unit’s inclusion of a technician to each squad as part of its standard deployment strategy, in 3017, the Engineer’s Tool is considered a mark of the value of the unit’s technicians. Each technician in the unit carries one, and is the easiest means by which one can identify a technician from a standard trooper.

The tool can be employed to remove troublesome locks, force barricaded doors, and even disarm mines and conduct repairs on vehicle hulls and simple fortifications. Often referred to as “The Monkey Wrench” (with a tech being labelled a “Grease Monkey” ) by newcomers, such troublemakers are quickly informed (sometimes through a beating with the same tool) that the correct term is “Engineer’s Tool”, and its squad’s techs are “Engineers”. It is, for the most part, a sign of the Iron Dingoes troopers maxim, “Dingo Pack Tactics, Always”.

Engineer's Tool

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