F-10 Cheetah

Light Interceptor and Scout AeroFighter


F-10 Cheetah (25 tons)

Chassis : Imstar 10/f
Power Plant : GM 250-a
Cruise Speed : 128.0 kph (12)
Flank Speed : 194.2 kph (18)
Heat Sinks – 10

Armor : Nimakachi Type 3 (Armor Factor 48) : 3.0 tons
Nose – 13
Right Wing – 11
Left Wing – 11
Aft – 13

Armament :
1 Starflash ! Small Laser (Nose)
2 Starfish II Medium Lasers (RW, LW)

Communications System : Lassitor – 3QS
Targeting & Tracking System : IMB SYS 3600


Overview : A Marik variant on an old Star League design, the Cheetah is a swift, lightly armored aerospace fighter intended for fast strikes and reconnaissance missions. Designed by _Imstar Aerospace, the fighter was in production up until the fall of the Star League. After the Exodus, the Free Worlds League picked up production of the Cheetah and after retooling several factories to produce the fighter, it became the standard light fighter of the FWL military.

Capabilities : With a maximum acceleration of nine gravities, the Cheetah is one of the fastest (and most physically punishing) aerospace fighters in the Inner Sphere. The Cheetah needs this acceleration, however, because it is very lightly armored. The original SLDF production model relid on its speed for protection, and the Marik production model is the same.

Its armament is capable for a fighter of its size. One small and two medium Starfish lasers free the Cheetah from ammunition concerns and give it the firepower to engage other fighters once its speed has placed it in the advantageous position. The Cheetah functions as well in atmosphere as it does in space, although there is apocryphal lore that claims the Cheetah s difficult to control in atmosphere and that the GM 250-a drinks more than the usual amount of fuel.

Deployment : In continuous production since the fall of the Star League in the Free Worlds League, the Cheetah appears in nearly every Marik aero formation. Most planet-bound squadrons keep Cheetahs ready for recon or interdiction duties, and it flies from most orbital platforms. Many Marik assault DropShip squadrons keep Cheetah flights in reserve for long-range patrols or fast courier runs.

Variants : The R-11 Cheetah is a dedicated reconnaissance version of the fighter, which removes the medium lasers and gives the vessel two additional tons of fuel, granting the Cheetah tremendous legs. With its radical acceleration profile, few craft can catch a retreating Cheetah, though the stress on the pilot is tremendous.

The 12-S Cheetah is an attempt to provide a swift strike fighter. The medium lasers are removed in favor of an SRM-4, and a ton of fuel is removed to make room for the missile reloads. With its reduction in fuel capacity, the 12-S needs access to a ready supply base, which means they are rarely encountered away from orbital installations or a DropShip carrier.

F-10 Cheetah

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