F29 Tactical Security Helmet

Cheap Combat Helmet


A simple ballistic nylon helmet, this model is relatively cheap and easy to produce. It is popular simply for its cost an ease of maintenance.

Equipment Rating : B-A-B
BAR : 4/5/4/2
Cost/Patch : 210
AFF : -
Mass : 1.8 kgs
Coverage : Head

Notes : -1 to Perception Rolls; AV -5 vs. Flash.


Another product from “Predator Armory” on Heroditus, it has proven popular and wide-spread in its applications. This helmet comes with a removable visor to protect against sun glare and laser flash. Often matched with its companion TCV-8 “Predator” Ballistic Mesh Tabard, the helmet is a coommonly seen item in the planet’s security forces of Heroditus.

F29 Tactical Security Helmet

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