Ferret Light Scout VTOL

Light Scout Helicopter


Ferret Light Scout VTOL – (5 tons)

Power Plant : Tyron 25 ICE
Cruise Speed : 162.9 kph (15)
Flank Speed : 248.1 kph (23)

Armor : ProtecTech Light (Armor Factor 8) : 0.5 tons
Front – 2
Right Side – 1
Left Side – 1
Rear – 2
Rotor – 2

Armament : One (1) _MainFire Minigun Machine Gun – (Front)
Ammo (MG) : (100) – (Body)
Infantry Bay – (Body)

Communications System : Achernar Standard
Targeting and Tracking System : IsBM Lantirn
Manufacturer : Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion, Belladonna, Federated Suns

Note : The Ferret VTOL carries fifteen (15) remote sensors.


Overview : The Ferret Light Scout VTOL is a Federated Suns reconnaissance rotor craft introduced in 2904. Although the Ferret’s organic offensive capabilities are almost nonexistent, it can call in long-range artillery fire and maintain contact with the enemy until a more suitable attack force moves into the area. It serves very well in screening operations, but the Ferret’s speed and troop-carrying ability makes them effective in all manner of exercises, including counter-insurgency operations, reconnaissance missions, rear-area insertions and extractions, battlefield pilot recovery, infantry squad transport, and spotting.

Capabilities : The Ferret’s limited armor protection is its prime disadvantage. The vulnerability is not considered critical, , however, because the Ferret’s mission is to avoid combat. A Ferret is designed to stay well outside of teh effective range of any hostile unit while keeping the target under observation. For that reason, the Ferret’s design keeps offensive armaments at a minimum.

Another interesting feature is the Ferret’s IsBM Lantrin targeting and tracking system. In addition to its normal targeting capabilities, the Heads-Up Display IsBM can also plug into any standard remote sensor monitoring network.

Deployment : The Ferret has also entered service with Steiner, Marik and some worlds in the Periphery.

Variants : Cal-Boeing has introduced two factory variants of the Ferret. The first eliminates the craft’s troop-carrying capacity in favor of increased armor, thus making the Ferret a more robust vehicle. Introduced in 2967, this “Wild Weasel” v variant was Cal-Boeing’s attempt to create a combat version. The second does the opposite, stripping all the armor and weaponry to make the Ferret a light cargo transport with a carrying capacity of two-and-one-half tons.

Ferret Light Scout VTOL

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