Ferro-Fibrous Armor (Prototype)

LosTech Combat Armor


Ferro-Fibrous armor was the very first military advancement that First Lord Ian Cameron shared with the newly formed Star League, though few League nations had developed serviceable versions of their own by the end of the Reunification War.

A more advanced form of combat armor, ferro-fibrous is a military-grade armor significantly lighter than standard combat armor. Ferro-fibrous achieves its lightweight properties through use of diamond fiber filaments throughout the ceramic and steel layers of the armor. While this makes ferro-fibrous armor far more bulky, the weight savings enable the machine to afford the same level of armor protection and provide more weight for weapons, armor and engines. A balance must be maintained, limiting internal space remaining after its installation. The armor is limited by design (and economics) to military vehicles and BattleMechs.

The FF-P armor functions as traditional Inner Sphere armor, as per standard rules ( Total Warfare pgs. 56, 105, 191 ), with the following exceptions. Each location for armor takes up three (3) critical slots. The armor costs a base 20,000 Cs per ton to produce.

Notes : FF-P is limited in deployment to BattleMechs, Combat Vehicles, Conventional Fighters, and AeroSpace Fighters.


Introduced : 2571 (Terran Hegemony), 2581 (Taurian Concordat)
Extinct : 2810 (Inner Sphere)
Recovered : 3023 (Iron Dingoes)

Found in the lost data vault of Blue Rock Candy Mountain, this technology has yet to be put into limited production by the Iron Dingoes.

Ferro-Fibrous Armor (Prototype)

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