5th "Royal" (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion - "Swords of Sangria"


5th “Royal” (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – Green/Questionable “Swords of Sangria”.

The “Swords of Sangria” are a regular rifle infantry battalion serving in Sangrian Army Command. The traditional guards of the government buildings in San Succi, as well as the person of the President of Sangria, the unit today is considered a whisper of its former greatness, and now only provides territorial defense of the district, hosting many young troopers that have more experience as bullies than soldiers, and have become a difficult training problem for the armed forces. It is based from the former headquarters of the Royal Infantry (Marine) Battalion – Sangrian Naval Command – “The Wild Cats” in Villavicencio, and largely operate from cantonments there. Its badge is the traditional badge of the unit, displaying its origins as a highly decorated and historically important “Royal” unit.

Officers : The 5th “Royal” Battalion is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Juan Pablo RodrĂ­guez Barragán, a recently promoted officer from the 20th Engineering Battalion “The Hammers of War”. Tasked largely with getting his mostly raw recruits into fighting shape, his officers are lacking in actual combat experience and military discipline, and this extends deeply into its non-commissioned forces as well. It will be a while before they can proudly reclaim the title of “Royal”.

Tactics : The exact purposes of this battalion are a little muddled. Officially tasked with territorial protection of The District of Cundinamarca, the continued existence of Garza’s Legion, however, limits their responsibilities to the southern border of the district, and precludes them from any real duties beyond patrolling the borders. In a desperate need to give them actual field experience, they conduct “war games” into the north-eastern Miranda Plains, on a fairly regular basis.

While they are perhaps little more than a garrison militia, despite their claim to the title of “Royal”, their work with the * “Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre” during the 3028 war games gave them some training in anti-armor and anti-Mech tactics that many other militia is generally lacking.


Support : The units are typically equipped with Content Not Found: dfks and HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifles, but also deploy worn 60mm Light Mortars and Milkor MGLs as infantry support weapons across the unit. There are no other notable anti-armor support weapons in the unit. The 8th Company is the most experienced of the troopers in the unit, consisting mostly of “mercenaries” with some actual combat service.

The other two companies are largely young recruits, who have spent the last couple years extorting the locals for supplies, and were finding the transfer to “military life” difficult. In response, the Iron Dingoes offered to assist in training this unit, and attached a platoon of the * “Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre” to the 5th Royal throughout 3028 in an effort to assist in vetting the unit properly.

The unit has a battery of two older Sniper Field Artillery Pieces, but no integral logistics unit or other support.


Patch of the 5th “Royal” Rifle Infantry Battalion

5th “Royal” (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion

Command Platoon
Four (4) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Two (2) Light Utility Transports
One (1) Rifle Infantry “Command” Squad (Reg)
Three (3) Rifle Administrative/Office Squads (Reg, 2 Green)

8th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Company
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
Six (6) Light Utility Transports
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads (4 Vet, 3 Reg, 5 Green)

11th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Company
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
Six (6) Light Utility Transports
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads (Vet, Reg, 10 Green)

14th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Company
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
Six (6) Light Utility Transports
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads (2 Vet, 2 Reg, 8 Green)

114th Artillery Support Battery
Two (2) Light Utility Transports
Two (2) Light Utility Transports w/ Sniper Field Artillery Pieces (2 Green)


Once a key part in the defense of The District of Cundinamarca, prior to the 1000-Days War, the unit was defeated during the opening salvos by * “The Iron Dingoes”, soon after the battalion had been deployed in defense of Governor Ferdinand Dominica. Repatriated to San Succi (without its heavy equipment) by the newly formed Provisional Government of The New Republic of Sangria, it quickly fell under the control of Garza’s Legion, proving among his most loyal supporters.

The unit largely ceased to exist during this time, and was only rebuilt in response to repatriation talks with the national government in late-3025. In early-3026, the unit was recreated from among Garza’s Legion less-valuable troopers, given sufficient vehicles to be labelled “motorized”, and released back under Sangrian Army Command. Today, the unit is based from the former cantonments of the Marine Battalion in Villavicencio, and largely operate border patrols along the southern border of the district, and into the north-eastern Miranda Plains.

Training remained a difficult issue, but the unit is firmly under the control of Sangrian Army Command, and they attached a platoon of the * “Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre” to this unit in an effort to raise their condition, throughout 3028.

5th "Royal" (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion - "Swords of Sangria"

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