1st Ghost Battalion "The Shadow Ghosts"


1st Ghost (Rifle Infantry) Battalion – Regular/Reliable The “Shadow Ghosts”

The 1st Ghost Battalion was organized from the veteran 11th “Tunnel Rats” platoon, who occupy many key command positions, including its command platoon, and from among the best of the conscripted troopers captured during the battle of Islas Brasilera.

After nearly a year of training in their cantonments at Fort Boomerang, the two supporting platoons were quietly assigned to the 11th Platoon as the security garrison at * Castle Corazón, under the unit’s internal protocol, “Operation Eagle Eye”. Their primary responsibility is in the security of the base and its nearby confines, including the tunnels to nearby Corazón Airfield. They occupy the security barracks on Level 9 of the Castle.

Officers : The unit does not have any notable officers at this time, though it should develop some over time.

Tactics : The 1st Ghost Battalion is essentially a typical Iron Dingoes rifle infantry unit, raised as a garrison force. Although referred to as a full battalion, the truth is the unit is only a company in strength, but occupies a position in the Ghost battalions, which represents an attempt at misinformation regarding the strength of the unit’s garrison forces. In time, the unit might be raised as a full battalion.

The 11th Platoon has trained carefully in the tunnels of the complex, and intimately know all its strengths and weaknesses, and are training their companion platoons in many of these same idiosyncrasies. As a whole, the unit has training in small unit tactics, and has some experience in defending against small guerrilla forces, having worked closely with the militia from The (Territorial) District of Corazón. They are also trained in simple anti-armor and anti-Mech tactics.


Support : The 1st Ghost Battalion has been equipped with standard combat armor, helmet, and pulse laser rifle of the Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023). As heavy weapons support, each squad deploys a single M56A2 “Smartgun”. The two lead squads, however, primarily deploy Zippo “Incinerator” Man-Pack Flamers, a weapon system valuable in the thick local jungles and in the close confines of the underground base.

For technical support, the 1st Ghost Battalion does not have any attached technical forces, and depends largely on itself for technical support. The demands of their APCs are largely met with through parts supplies regularly shipped from * Landhold : Garrison, though they are not commonly deployed, so their technical requirements are few.

The command portion of the unit has been assigned Tracked APCs, with which they are very familiar. The remaining platoons of the unit are assigned a single “Hellbender” Jeep to its command elements, and no other vehicles or heavy weapons systems.

The entire unit have expressed interest in the Man-Pack “Hellbringer” Flamer unit developed by * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions, as a support infantry weapon.

1st Ghost (Rifle Infantry) Battalion “The Shadow Ghosts”

Command Company XXX
11th (Mechanized) Militia Platoon “Tunnel Rats”
4 Tracked APCs (2 Vet, 2 Reg)
2 Squads Flamer Infantry Militia (2 Vet)
2 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (Vet, Reg)

1st Company XXX
50th (Foot) Militia Platoon XXX
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
5 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (Vet, Reg, 3 Green)

2nd Company XXX
53rd (Foot) Militia Platoon XXX
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
5 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (Vet, Reg, 3 Green)

3rd Company XXX
54th (Foot) Militia Platoon XXX
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
5 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (2 Reg, 3 Green)


The 1st Ghost Battalion began operations on December 1st, 3025, when it was issued orders and began occupation of the site at * Castle Corazón.

The unit continued to train hard in their cantonments, slowly improving their understanding of the strong and weak points of a Castle Brian. By late-3027, the unit had been relatively unchanged in size or purpose.

Through 3028-29, the unit received numerous squads of infantry raised from the Iron Dingoes own forces and internal educational “Shadow Recruit” program, the unit was able to spread out its platoons to eventually serve as command units if they should ever gain sufficient troopers to claim themselves fully reinforced.

1st Ghost Battalion "The Shadow Ghosts"

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