FLC-4N Falcon

"Bug Hunter" Mech


FLC-4N Falcon (30 tons)

Chassis : Duralyte 296

Power Plant : GM 180
Cruise Speed : 64.2 kph (6)
Flank Speed : 97.6 kph (9)
Jump Jets : PRS-60
Jump Capacity : 180 m

Armor : StarGuard Type II (Armor Factor 96) : 6.0 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 10/14
Rear – 3
Right Torso – 7/12
Rear – 2
Left Torso – 7/12
Rear – 2
Right Arm – 5/8
Left Arm – 5/8
Right Leg – 7/13
Left Leg – 7/13

Armament :
One (1) SunGlow Type 1 Medium Laser (RA)
Two (2) Omicron 1000 Light Lasers (RA, LA)
Two (2) Reginald Mark VI Machine Guns (RT-R, LT-R)
Ammo (MG) : 200 (CT)
Jump Jets (3xRT, 3xLT)

Manufacturer : Stormvanger Assemblies, Light Division, Hesperus II (Destroyed 2789 ), Lyran Commonwealth.
Communications System : Garret T20C
Targeting & Tracking System : Dynatec 150A

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/2 : y : n : n : 90 : 6 : 19 : 4 : 8 : +1 : y : y

Notes : -


Overview : The outbreak of the Reunification War left member states of the newly formed Star League fighting a conflict for which they were ill-prepared. True, the Great Houses possessed sizable armies. But they were equipped to fight each other using tactics and strategies developed during the Age of War – not a fight at the end of an extended supply line against guerrilla forces out in the Periphery. The House troops deployed to support the newly created Star League Defense Force needed suitable weapons, and fast.

A flood of new designs emerged to meet the demand for weapons to fight the “…barbarians who dared threaten the unity of mankind…”. One of these was Stormvanger Assemblies’ “Falcon”. A creation of the corporation’s Light Division, the Mech remained in production at Stormvanger’s Hesperus II facility, in the “Falcon Wing”, until a Marik raid destroyed it during the 1st Succession War.

Capabilities : Bigger and tougher than the more common Stinger, Wasp and Locust, the Falcon drew the assignment of “Bug Hunter”. While its armaments are only comparable with these lighter units, the Falcon boasts significantly more armor for an edge in any encounter.

Of special note are the two rear-firing machine guns. Early fights in the Periphery had demonstrated graphically that Star League BattleMechs were in as much (if not more) danger from infantry as they were from Periphery Mechs. and armor. The machine guns were added late in the design process to keep swarming infantry from its rear.

Deployment : The new Falcon was commissioned into service with units such as the Fourth Royal Guards, Tamar Tigers, and Twenty-Fifth Skye Rangers – members of the Lyran Expeditionary Force participating in Operation Mailed Fist. Under overall command of Archon Viola Steiner-Diensen, the LEF supported the SLDF’s campaign against the rebel government of the Rim World’s Republic.

The Falcon was made available to other League member states, and the design also found a home among many SLDF line regiments. However, the loss of the Stormvanger Assemblies production line on Hesperus II put an end to new production, and numbers dwindled during the course of the Succession Wars. For all intents and purposes, the Inner Sphere considered the design had vanished.

The appearance of Wolf’s Dragoons in 3005 marked in return of the Falcon to the battlefield. The Dragoons have rebuffed all inquiries as to its origins, but their possession of various lost designs like the Falcon has sparked intense speculation. The likely reason is that they have access to an extensive cache somewhere in the Periphery.

Variants : The Falcon that remains in the Inner Sphere all extensively repaired, many of them sporting hybrid arms, legs, and weapons taken from other BattleMechs. Only Wolf’s Dragoons have access to new, undamaged Mechs of this type.

FLC-4N Falcon

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