FLS-8K Flashman


FLS-8K Flashman (75 tons)

Chassis : FLS/HV-1
Power Plant : GM 375 XL
Cruise Speed : 54.3 kph (5)
Flank Speed : 86.5 kph (8)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None

Armor : Kemplar 5000 (Armor Factor 216) : 13.5 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 23/25
Rear – 16
Right Torso – 16/22
Rear – 10
Left Torso – 16/22
Rear – 10
Right Arm – 12/24
Left Arm – 12/24
Right Leg – 16/27
Left Leg – 16/27

Armament :
Three (3) Selitex Radionic Large Lasers (RA, LA, CT)
Five (5) Ichiba 3000 Medium Lasers (RA, LA, RT, LT, CT-R)
One (1) Buzzsaw Anti-Missile System
Ammo (AM) : 12 (RT)
One (1) Zippo Mark X Anti=Personnel Flame Gun (Head)

Manufacturer : Renault-Prime Industries, Free World’s League, Wasat.
Communications System : Duoteck 195
Targeting & Tracking System : Faust/Shinji AT/TS

BattleTech Tracking Stats : +2 : 1/1 : y : n : n : 45 : 7 : 5 : 3 : 14 : +1 : y : y


Overview : The Flashman debuted in 2701, with the firt battalions forming the core of the battle and heavy regiments throughout the Hegemony. By the fall of the Star League, several of the League’s divisions had formed “fast cavalry” brigades composed of Flashman battalions , and the strength and versatility of this Mech led them to remain a popular heavy Mech throughout the early Succession Wars. Unfortunately, the destruction of Renault-Prime’s manufacturing plant on Wasat in 2796 and the brutality of the Wars led to its near extinction. Only the lucky acquisition of a schematics package by Defiance Industries saved the Mech from extinction, although its numbers remained low and rarely encountered on the battlefield.

Capabilities : First produced as a fast cavalry Mech with the speed to move quickly and the firepower to make the difference when it encountered the enemy. Although the decline in technology in teh brutal orgy of destruction that was the 1st Succession War meant its advanced engine was now unable to be produced, the modification of the Vlar 300 engine allowed the Flashman to find replacement parts and keep its speed close to standard heavy Mech movement.

Offensively, the Flashman isn’t terribly flashy, though it is reliably dangerous. The Flashman is one of the first designs to incorporate the Fasut/Shinji Auto-Tracking System which improves laser barrage fire, and makes it one of the most accurate Mechs in existence.

The FLS-8K is armed with three Selitex Radionic large lasers mounted in each forearm and the central torso. Five Ichiba 3000 Medium Lasers complement their larger cousins and are mounted in the right and left torso coaxially with the large lasers in the right and left arms. A rar-facing mount is also included, along with a Buzzsaw Anti-Missile System and a Zippo Mark X Anti-Personnel Flame Gun in a mount beneath the cockpit. Fifteen advanced double heat sinks efficiently purge the entire weapon system’s waste heat.

The Flashman is protected by standard Kemplar 5000 armor capable of taking extensive punishment before failure begins.

Deployment : The collapse of the Star League spread the Flashman to every Successor State, but with its only manufacturing facility located in the Lyran Commonwealth, it was the only state to replace losses. It was popular and kept in production all through the early Succession Wars, remaining in Lyran heavy lances alongside its traditional Lyran Mechs, like the Zeus and the Crusader.

Variants : The Flashman does not lend itself well to variants. Battle damage is often repaired with off-brand equipment, but techs take great pains to try and locate materials within the same class. While there exists many a Flashman with Victory lasers, or a Hotshot Flamer, its basic capabilities remain unchanged.

The technological deterioration tends to degrade the Mech’s speed, when the engine must be replaced, but it usually remains well-endowed with lasers and a prodigious number of heat sinks, even making this staggering array of twenty-three to seem somewhat weak.

FLS-8K Flashman

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