Freefall Drop APC


Freefall Drop APC (35 tons)

Power Plant : VenturiDrop 105 Fusion
Motive Type : Hover/Jump
Cruise Speed : 86.0 kph (8)
Flank Speed : 130.2 kph (12)
Jump Jets : Wraith 2500
Jump Capacity : 180m

Armor : ArmorPlate w/ HeatResist (Armor Factor 48) : 3.0 tons
Front – 12
Right Side – 12
Left Side – 12
Rear – 12
Turret – 0

Armament :
Two (2) Lift Track SRM 2 Packs (RS, LS)
Cargo – One (1) Platoon Infantry (Body)

Manufacturer : Porsche/Shadow Conglomerate, Terra
Communications System : Ello Systems
Targeting and Tracking System : Shadow Sensor Prime Systems

Notes : -



Overview : The success of the Kanga Jump Tank during the late Star League, prompted a new wave of ideas in military hardware. These “brainstorms” ranged from the ridiculous (such as the LAM) to the vaguely practical.

Many engineers turned to their favorite movies for inspiration, and one of the staff at the Porsche/Shadow Conglomerate on Terra enjoyed ancient Terran movies. He got the idea for the “Freefall” as a vehicle that could drop onto a planet from low orbit after watching a particular movie about star marines assaulting hostile groups of alien lifeforms on a planetary colonial settlement.

When the idea reached the management of the corporation, they were ecstatic. Not only was it a revolutionary concept and filled a previously untapped niche market, the idea proved others enjoyed the same movies they did.

Capabilities : The main problem with the Freefall`s design involved its streamlining. A craft that had to slip through a planet`s atmosphere and then fight on-planet required aspects of both an AeroFighter and the shape of a tank. The final result was a basic design that had elements of limited flight characteristics, but also appeared to be a standard all-purpose ATV found on most colonial worlds.

The Freefall’s armor is a specially treated, heat-resistant coating designed to burn off during atmospheric landing. Solid armor and heat-resistant tiles proved difficult to maintain, and the concept of `painting`the APC with a polymer used once was appealing. Extendable wings then deploy from the sides of the vehicle once initial speed has been reduced through heat absorption. Each wing has an SRM pack mounted within it, ensuring the vehicle can deploy weapons to defend its charges once it touches down.

The infantry compartment is equipped with the latest in shock-absorbent technology, including ‘pressure cages’, Grav-Suits, and gyro-stabilizing seating are integral to the design. Although some commanders consider the expense of these safety features ‘frivolous’ and intended to simply increase the cost of the unit, the infantry and crews deployed to the vehicle swear by the cost.

Deployment : Originally deployed in limited numbers to select assault units within the Royal Command structure of the SLDF, the vehicle gained wide acceptance in planetary assaults by infantry. Intended to be used exclusively by the SLDF, the vehicle was never seen in large numbers and never saw use by any House forces until some units fell into their hands during the Exodus. None survived the Succession Wars, and the plant that produced the design halted its production early during the 1st Succession War, due to a lack of resources to produce the HeatResist Armor coating. It remains unknown where Colonel White Death has acquired the two dozen or so vehicles in his armory.

Variants : There are no known production variants of this vehicle.

Freefall Drop APC

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