Freelancer's Lounge

Pilot's Lounge


A private and secluded lounge exclusively serving ship’s pilot’s and navigators, where a quiet atmosphere is carefully cultivated and maintained. Located on “The Factory”, discreet pilots can often find productive and rewarding rumors and news regarding passengers, shipments and other valuable trade opportunities in-system.

Too many people have the notion that a pilot is little more than an interstellar chauffeur, with no considerations beyond the needs of his passengers, but since they are far more than this, such popular illusions are greatly resented. Who has the best view of a planet during terminal approach? The pilot. Whose life depends on keeping two eyes always carefully observing? The pilot. Whose job is it to know exactly where the ship is at any given time? The navigator…

As such, the lounge is very quiet and has an exclusive client list requiring formal presentation of a registered pilot’s or navigator’s certification for access and service. It is not a place for brawling, though weapons are allowed, and individuals displaying drunken or aggressive mannerisms are quickly ejected (quite forcibly) by most patrons. It has perhaps the best wine list in the station.


Established late in 3021, this tavern/lounge was designed to give the many ship’s officers that called on “The Factory”, a place for themselves. It quickly became popular among such crews, and has remained as such, despite its relocation to high orbit of the planet in 3023. Nowadays, the lounge attracts shuttle and DropShip officers rather than JumpShip pilots and navigators, but is still very exclusive.

Freelancer's Lounge

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