Fresh Air

Family restaraunt on the Zocalo


The Fresh Air Restaurant is “The Factory”‘s most expensive and only high class restaurant on the entire station. Located in Blue Sector, just off the central gardens, Fresh Air is owned and operated by restaurateur Emerson Briggs-Wallace, formerly of Dumassas. The establishment is aptly named as the main dining area is roofless, affording a stunning view of the interior of the station’s central core.

Fresh Air caters to clientèle from every major port of call on The Factory, and offers a varied menu of dishes and ingredients from several worlds. Rumors persist that it will eventually begin to offer a take-out service to station residents, should a proper inter-communications system be implemented. In addition, the “bar” serves disposable oxygen bottles and masks to individuals seeking relief from their hangovers.


Although seemingly catering to an upper class clientele, the truth is that the restaurant is the only place to catch a good meal outside of the station’s own cantina, which serves pre-packaged meals and nutrient drinks, little else. As a result, it attracts clients among the middle-class and and young families and couples seeking to “dine-out”. Most others seek The Lucky Lady for its simpler and cheaper menu, and its gambling.

Fresh Air

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