Frontier-Class Air Transport

Heavy-Lift Transport


Frontier-Class Air Transport (200 tons)

Power Plant : Praht-450 ICE Turbine
Cruise Speed : 32.0 kph (3)
Flank Speed : 54.4 kph (5)
Fuel : 4 tons

Armor : Industrial Grade (BAR 7) – (Armor Factor 133) : 6.0 tons
Structural Integrity : 3
Nose – 34
Right Wing – 33
Left Wing – 33
Aft – 33

Armament :
Cargo (76 tons) – (Body)

Crew : 3

Communicationms System : CBM Star Rotor
Targeting & Tracking System : None
Manufacturer : Lockheed-CBM, Gibbs, Lyran Commonwealth

Note : -


Overview : As a battlefield support vehicle, New Earth Trading Company’s (NETC) Karnov UR Transport is a craft whose origins lay shrouded in mystery – especially since the company is known to lack VTOL manufacturing facilities. Though some have suggested the Karnov is the product of a secret subcontractor, no company in the Inner Sphere has yet to claim responsibility for its construction. Nevertheless, in 3001, Lockheed-CBM , the manufacturers of the vehicle, unveiled a heavy industrial air transport with design lines so similiar to NETCs Karnov, that corporate conspiracy theorists far and wide have proclaimed the Karnov’s origin mystery solved.

Capabilities : Despite an exterior similarity, the Frontier is based on an entirely different premise from the popular Karnov. It sports engines and electronics wholly made in the Commonwealth, built as an aircraft for sustained, long-distance air-travel (rather than the short combat hops of the Karnov). Developed for civilian and industrial concerns, in fact, the vehicle lacks even the hardened military-grade armor the 30-ton Karnov boasts, though its operating air speed allowed for far swifter delivery, with tilt-rotor wings for VSTOL landings in frontier terrain and air fields.

Deployment : Although built in the Lyran Commonwealth, the vessel has proven very popular, and Lockheed-CBM has exported them widely enough to find them in remote corners of the Inner Sphere. Although not as popular as the Planetlifter Air Transport, primarily due to its price-point, the vessel has proven dependable and capable in frontier environments along the Periphery.

Variants : Some organizations attempt to upgrade the armor protection to Lockheed Skyshield armor – functionally similar to most modern armor – but needed structural modifications prove costly for the vehicle’s primary mission. Nevertheless, the vehicle remains popular by industrial concerns trying to exploit frontier resources in isolated colony worlds.

Frontier-Class Air Transport

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