Galleon Light Tank


GAL-100 Galleon Light Tank (30 tons)

Power Plant : GTEM 180 ICE
Cruise Speed : 54.0 kph (6)
Flank Speed : 73.2 kph (9)

Armor : Star Slab/3 (Armor Factor 56) : 3.5 tons
Front – 11
Right Side – 10
Left Side – 10
Rear – 11
Turret – 14

Armament : One (1) Medium Jackson Model 17 Laser (Turret)
Two (2) Small Jackson Model 12 Lasers (RS, LS)

Communications System : Maxell 500
Targeting and Tracking System : Maxell TA50
Manufacturer : Brooks Incorporated, Irian

Notes : Due to its faulty laser coils, the Jackson Model 17 ML generates 6 points of heat each round it is fired.


Overview : Several different firms produced light armor support units for the Star League. One of the more popular combat systems was the GAL-100 Galleon Light Tank. Produced mostly on planets within the boundaries of the Free Worlds League, it was an inexpensive means of providing both infantry and BattleMechs with support on the battlefield.

In the battle to retake Terra during the Amaris Crisis, the Galleon served remarkably well. Many of these units served in garrisons along the scattered worlds of the Periphery until the departure of General Kerensky. Thus, many Galleons wound up in the hands of House Marik and House Kurita.

Capabilities : The Galleon is a small, fast-moving, lightly armored vehicle. In an era when many manufacturers were obsessed with producing and designing hovercraft systems, Brooks Incorporated stayed with its popular tracked vehicle designs, believing demand would last far into the future. With a maximum speed of over 73 kph, this small tank can keep up with most Mechs. Its weapon systems are fairly average for its weight class, and its only true weakness is in armor protection.

The GAL-100 Galleon supports three main weapon systems, all opf which were produced by Jackson Armaments, a subsidiary of Brooks Incorporated. The Jackson Model 17 is not the best system of its class, as several support coils have a tendency to overheat. The Star League fell before any modifications to the coil systems could be made, however. The two smaller Jackson Model 12s, mounted along the sides of the tank, have a better combat reputation. Although the tank lacks a small infantry fire-support system, the Model 12 is a good close-in anti-Mech support weapon.

The tank has a 1.5 ton fuel capacity and its efficiency using the GTEM 180 ICE power plant has proven a good choice and continues to make the GAL-100 a popular choice among the Successor States.

Deployment : Each House in the Inner Sphere employs this vehicle in its line forces.

House Kurita uses them in raiding missions, often using their speed to flank or probe enemy Mech forces for weaknesses.

House Marik first deployed the vehicle in 2910, primarily as a raider, but also as relief for line Mech units, typically as support in fortification assaults.

House Davion has maintained a fairly large number of Galleons, but they are rarely massed in any quantity for fighting purposes. Traditionally held in reserve to pin light Mech units (usually against House Kurita) they are sacrificed if need be to eliminate any force of Mechs.

Recently, larger mercenary forces across the Inner Sphere have begun to deploy Galleons as a light, mobile force in reserve to protect its main fire support. House Liao is the only House that has shown no interest in the tank.

Variants : Currently , the only known variant of the GAL-100 Galleon is in the service of House Kurita. The GAL-200 replaces the two small lasers with MGs, using the reduced space and weight to add armor. Only a handful of these variants are in use, many of which have since fallen into the hands of House Steiner.

Galleon Light Tank

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