Garcia Electrical Authority

Electrical power control company in Garcia


The Garcia Electrical Authority is a government controlled, resource-based company that was established to provide The District of Garcia with its needs for electricity. It remains the largest source of electrical power in the region.

Trade Symbol : GarElAuth
Home Office : System – Dumassas
President/CEO : Ashley King
Founding Date : August 2nd, 3001


GEA operates a single hydroelectric dam on Lake Orlando, a small hydroelectric facility as these things go, it still has a 30m tall concrete gravity spillway, with three radial gates and three sluices. Combined, the facility can generate up to 124 MW of power that are essential to industrial development in The District of Garcia. It cost around 150,000,000 Cs to build (a large portion of which is believed to have been lost to graft) and represented an important development of electric power in the region.

GEA today is not as isolated a company as it once was, formerly having sent its profits out of the region to its ionvestors in San Succi. With the disruptions of civil war in teh nation, many of its controlling interests no longer exist, and although Banco Nacional de Sangria still has a considerable interest invested in the company. With much of the comapny’s income remaining in their corporate control, the company has recently begun survey work on establishing a series of wind farms west in the district near Diablo Mines, and is looking into the potential for another hydroelectric dam project west of Ciudad Garcia.

Using reinvestment of their own profits, they have built several wind generators near Diablo Mines to support the mining and refining efforts of that isolated community, well-placed for the constant east-flowing winds on the eastern hills of the Blue Mountains. In addition, the Blue Planet Utility Services fusion plant being built in * Landhold : Garrison will run its excess electrical power through GEA’s own grid, boosting its reserves.



Wind turbines located near Diablo Mines

In 2935, when the newly-established government of Sangria began colonizing the region now known as Garcia, it passed Law 113, which declared the exploitation of power a public interest. The isolated nature of the district, however, called for a unique and personalized form of electrical power generation.

Reforms in the industrial development of the district in 3001, led to government investment in the “Orlando Project”, and formed the GEA as a means to develop and manage the construction of a hydroelectric dam at Lake Orlando. The project, originally planned for five years ran into cost over-runs, excessive graft and eventually took until 3008 to complete. The large facility, however, required excessive staffing, and was not completely operational until 3010, when the government was able to acquire the technical expertise to properly staff the facility.

Today, the Orlando Dam represents the primary source of power operated by GEA, and is carefully maintained and protected at all times. Although officially a government facility, its isolation has led it to independent operation and management style among its leaders is very mercenary in its attitude. Given their present “free” status, they have broad ideas for development of their position in the district.

The power plant presently has a lance of FLE-4 Fleas piloted by mercenaries, and a platoon of SRM-armed Infantry from The Hellfire Brigade as a garrison to keep casual trouble away. Another security platoon of mixed mercenary groups is based in nearby Ourinhous, guarding the technical teams and their families, but is motorized to respond in defense of the power plant in need. Few, however, would think of attacking the facility, as it is essential for the industrial support of the region.

Garcia Electrical Authority

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