Guardia Civilia - Garcia

Local Militia of the District of Garcia


Guardia Civilia – Garcia

Unit Type : Militia
CO : Commander Pablo Othello
Unit Size : 4 Companies
Experience Level : Regular
Mech Weight : None
Fighter Weight : None
Armor : Yes
Infantry : Yes
DropShip : No
JumpShip : No
Unit Symbol : A Golden Sphinx
Financial Situation : Good

Known as “The Sphinxes”, the Guardia Civilia in The District of Garcia, were the strong-arm of the national government in the region. Even though it was heavily funded and supported by the national Sangrian government, it remained hopelessly corrupt and cruel. Most of its actions involved arresting, torturing and executing visible civilian protestors, particularly students and labour organizers. As an organization, they were opposed to The 4th Infantry (Motorized) Battalion, Sangrian Army – “Garrison’s Own”, and did everything in their power to frustrate the mercenaries and military’s efforts in the district.

The Guardia Civil also worked as an underground; wearing masks at night and kidnapping or killing dissenters or just for pleasure. Since President Tazael, the former president of Sangria was a former leader in the national Guardia Civil forces, he did nothing to limit their excesses.

The average Guardia Civil soldier was recruited from the local peasant classes (typically Mesitzos Indians ), and tended to be uneducated, barely literate and greedy for money and the advanced positions this career provided. They had little or no regard for their own people. Roughly one in ten was a “Sergeant” with some form of advanced military training (Demolitions, Soldier or RTO).

They tended to be indifferently armed, but were typically issued a formal uniform, a fairly standard 9mm SMG, ammunition bag, canteen, and helmet. Most acquired personal body armor in the form of a flak vest or similar coverage, along with military boots and gloves. Most also carried machetes and knives of various forms.


The purpose of the unit was similar to that of a police force. They typically ensured the wealthy were protected for a price, and gave very little concern for anyone else, unless they are blatantly violent or attack anyone in the Guardia Civil or who else can afford their protection. They numbered more than a battalion in strength.

Equipped with standard arms and light motor vehicles ( Light Utility Transports and Jeep (MG)s ), they were still a force to be reckoned with locally. Their armor consisted of Scorpion Light Tanks, with Hunter Light Support Tanks and Pegasus Scout Hover Tanks in a support role. The unit also boasted a pair of Guardian VSTOL Fighters, and a pair of ancient Monitors located in the nearby lake. The unit was led by Commander Pablo Othello, a man of great local influence and power.

On May 22nd, 3021, the unit was eliminated in a brutal close-quarters combat at their barracks in Ciudad Garcia, though their _VSTOL_s and Monitors were not at the garrison complex during the fight. All armor and infantry elements were captured or otherwise destroyed.

Guardia Civilia - Garcia

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