4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion - "Garcia's Own"

Regular Armed Forces of the District of Garcia


4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion “Garcia’s Own” – Mixed Arms Battalion / Regular / Reliable

Originally organized from local recruits, the 4th Infantry Battalion is a relatively new military unit that has been trained and well-paid, to patrol and defend The District of Garcia. The unit is a combined-arms battalion, and includes infantry, armor and Mechs. Through constant work and careful recruitment, combined with actual experience, the unit has developed into a cohesive whole, with good morale and showing both talented individuals and well-trained crews.

Officers : Major Petros Vagarez was formerly the lead logistics officer in the unit, and dealt with the many personnel issues any new unit faces. He answered for many non-military things, especially over new recruits. The 4th Battalion has not acquired any other notable officers at this time, though it was commanded by an experienced officer from the Sangrian capital for a time. Major Petros has since taken command of the 4th Battalion, and leads the unit well, though he tends to lean on the Iron Dingoes for advice when operating outside Sangrian borders..

Tactics : The 4th Battalion is trained in basic military defense, specializing in rapid local deployment and garrison work. The Jungle Company is trained to employ the BattleMech component of the unit, and its infantry are trained in anti-Mech operations to support these efforts.

The unit is considered the most capable battalion of the Snagrian nation to counter outside threats, partly given its experience and training under * “The Iron Dingoes”, but also because it is the single most heavily-armed unit in the nation’s armed forces, well-equipped with BattleMechs, armor support and anti-armor guns at the company level. The 4th is the most likely unit to be deployed on maneuvers outside the nation’s borders, likely supported by the 3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Battalion “Blue Caps”, though that latter unit is presently engaged in anti-partisan maneuvers.


Support : 4th Motorized Infantry Battalion has been equipped with a collection of HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle supplied by the Sangrian Military, and each soldier is also equipped with a set of surplus Taurian Concordat uniforms, boots, belt and canteen. In addition, most have acquired basic backpacks, and often sport various private small arms, knives and machetes. They traditionally only possessed armor, helmets and other gear if it was privately acquired by their families, or if they take it off an opponent in combat, but gained a wide assortment of equipment from their trainers in the Iron Dngoes, as cast-off militia-rated gear.

For technical support, the 4th Battalion has a number of techs locally recruited and assigned to a central “Logistics” pool for their maintenance requirements. While new troopers are busy training and learning basic combat skills and how to be a soldier, the longer-termed members have been involved in long-term advanced vehicle training. Administration remains sufficient at this time, due mostly to efforts to assist in constant careful recruitment, and in establishing a core of command officers for the organization of the troops. Some of these troopers have proven very capable and begun advanced training as Mech pilots, while a handful has proven to be good tactical leaders.

The infantry units employs a number of Light Utility Transports to keep them “mobile” or motorized, and to haul each unit’s MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns. Several “surplus” vehicles have been supplied from the Iron Dingoes own reserve fleet, to boost logistics and command abilities. The unit has also been supplied with FLE-4 Flea “Trooper” BattleMechs, and Scorpion Light Tanks, to give it the punch it required as a “Mixed Arms Battalion”, though it will continue to depend heavily on simple rifle infantry for its day-to-day operations, supplemented at the platoon level with their MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns.

Recently, the unit acquired three (3) Sniper Field Artillery Pieces from abandoned equipment originating from the 8th Infantry Battalion, along with various Light Utility Transports. Their crews are very green, and still learning their equipment.


4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – Sangrian Armed Forces “Garcia’s Own”

Command Company
Two (2) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Two (2) Light Utility Transports
One (1) Rifle Infantry “Command” Squad (Reg)
Three (3) Rifle Administrative/Office Squads (Vet, 2 Reg)

Logisitical Support Platoon
Four (4) Light Utility Transports
One (1) “Longhaul” Heavy Tactical Utility Truck (Fuel Transport)
Eight (8) Tech Squads (Elite, 5 Vet, 2 Reg)

7th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Company
Six (6) Light Utility Transports w/ six (6) MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns (4 Reg, 2 Green)
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads (7 Vet, 3 Reg, 2 Green)
Four (4) Scorpion Light Tanks (2 Vet, 2 Reg)

22nd (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Company
Six (6) Light Utility Transports w/ six (6) MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns (Vet, 3 Reg, 2 Green)
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads (3 Vet, 7 Reg, 2 Green)
Four (4) Scorpion Light Tanks (Vet, 2 Reg, Green)

31st (Jungle) Infantry Company “Jungle Drums”
Four (4) Light Utility Transports
Eight (8) Rifle Jump Infantry Squads (2 Vet, 6 Reg)
Four (4) FLE-4 Flea “Trooper” BattleMechs (4 Reg)
Four (4) FLE-4 Flea “Trooper” BattleMechs (3 Vet, Reg)

Artillery Support Battery
Three (3) Light Utility Transports
Light Utility Transport w/ Sniper Field Artillery Piece “Boom Stick” (Reg)
Light Utility Transport w/ Sniper Field Artillery Piece “Shakalaka” (Reg)
Light Utility Transport w/ Sniper Field Artillery Piece “Dragon’s Breath” (Reg)


Being organized as part of the Iron Dingoes Contract – Operation : “Paradigm Shift”. The unit dates its inception to May 16th, 3018. Hoo-rawr!

On April 16th, 3019 the unit was supplied with armor and Mechs, and began wide-scale training as an actual mixed force.

On July 30th, 3019 the unit was officially formed as a complete Combined-Arms Battalion, and entered into the Sangrian Order of Military in Garrison. It remains in position in The District of Garcia, and continues patrol duties, guarding the southern border of that nation.

Mid-April of 3021, the unit underwent a purge, with its government-appointed senior officers forcibly removed, and (then Tech) Major Petros took command of the unit. The unit continued as a Garrison force, though its “Jungle” Company was being used to scout the southern jungle approaches for infiltrating infantry, and keeping tabs on aircraft flights from this part of the province.

Mid-May of 3021, during the coup that rocked the capital city of San Succi, and led to the collapse of the national government, the unit pledged itself to the newly risen government of the District of Garcia, backing its efforts. By the end of the month, the unit was officially placed in garrison at the former Guardia Civilia base, turning the old fortress at Garrison over to The Iron Dingoes occupation forces as a landhold. The unit now provides direct protection of the district to both internal and external threats, occupying both the capital’s local fort and its airfield in the city’s Presidio.

During the military crisis known as the Small War, the unit spent much of their time in their cantonments in Ciudad Garcia, mostly working with the 20th Engineering Battalion “The Hammers of War” in establishing a new central command for Sangrian Army Command. As such, they didn’t get much time in training, though its 31st (Jungle) Company did get in some operational time in the southern Huartzek Forest running through drills and practicing their specialty of raids and jungle warfare. Overall, however, they still lack some degree of combat experience.

4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion - "Garcia's Own"

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