Gaucho Ranchers' Organization

Independent Member of the Merchant's League


The Gaucho Ranchers’ Organization is an independent member of the Industrialist’s League of The District of Garcia. The export of beef is an important part of both the district economy and nationally valuable, making this organization of smaller ranchers, combined with the vast lands owned by the Serrate family, essential to ensuring a good export price for their beef. The smaller pork and corn trade located among the east coast farmlands has also tied its star to this trade organization, expanding its influence accordingly

Key to the export of beef, are the canning factories located in both Mercado, east of the ranching lands, and the Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL) plant south of Ciudad Garcia. As such this organization depended on its contacts with The Industrialist’s League to ensure its survival during the darker years. As a “trade Union”, it was viewed as a danger to the position of the Guardia Civilia – Garcia, and as such, the organization was well-armed and hostile to forces that didn’t support the trade union.


In early-3026, the Serrate family founded a small production facility, known as “Gaucho Ranch”, serving as a regional meat processing plant, and also sells a series of cooking sauces, specializing in BBQ mixes. It dominates the local industrial jobs market, and like the organization, is a wholly-owned business of the Serrate family.

Today the organization remains the largest independent para-military force in the nation, outside of the regional militias from nation’s two newest territories, The (Territorial) District of Coraz√≥n and The (Territorial) District of Huartzek. The organization is wholly-owned and led by Manuel Serrate and his family, and is their primary source of income.



Military Forces : In addition to controlling numerous smaller ranches throughout the Gaucho region and keeping them well-armed and organized as a means of repelling outside forces, such as bandits, Manuel Serrate has retained a force of around 150 men (nearly two Rifle Companies) under arms. Equipped with high-quality HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifles, each is a tough “Cowboy”, or “Gaucho” who is equally talented in horsemanship, wilderness survival, small arms marksmanship, and employing their traditional weapon; the Bola. Few, however use extensive body armor, though all are equipped with at least a basic flak vest and horses are common. Access to Light Utility Transports and armed Jeeps is limited, but available among the “core” units serving the Serrate family.

Another 300-400 former troopers of the organization have been recruited into the local Policia Federales, making that unit very loyal to the independence of both the district and the ranchers of the region. Crime remains very low around Gaucho territory, as a result.

Gaucho Ranchers' Organization

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