Glam on the Go


A private venture started by Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour”, with other private investments, Glamazon is a “…one-stop, go-to beauty emporium…”, that provides health care and beauty aids to travellers and citizens of “The Factory”. In addition, it has two small additional spas located in Ciudad Garcia and * Landhold : Garrison.

Glamazon serves its clients as a place to receive hair styling, facials, nail care, and full-body massages. There is also a tanning booth in each franchise. While not exactly a first-rate facility, it represents the only service of its kind available on the Factory, and as such is still quite popular. It regularly turns profits.

In general, the facility relies on supplies from The Federative Republic of San Marcos O Boticário corporation, and the troubles with that nation have disrupted this production.


Established in early-3021, Glamazon has become a popular shop on The Factory – The Zócalo, and has regularly proven profitable. Each year it expands its services and equipment, though with the Small War, finding products for its services is increasingly difficult.


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