GloryHound Exoskeleton

Prototype Military Exoskeleton


The GloryHound Exoskeleton is a reinforced light exoskeleton that allows the user normal movement and manipulative abilities. It is mostly a series of supports, struts, and micro-myomers that the user slips into like normal clothing. In contrast to Industrial Exoskeletons, the GloryHound model is a militarized weapon system, and was built as the basis for further development of powered combat armor. It is considered a prototype system, and is not capable of mass production at this time.

The GloryHound Exoskeleton covers most of the user’s body, leaving their face and upper torso exposed, but providing some degree of armor protection.

Equipment Rating : C-A-A
Cost/Reload : 30,000 Cs / 240 Cs
AFF : * Husky Heavy Industries
Mass/Reload : 120 kgs / 12 kgs.

Notes : Crew of one (1). Single charge allows two (2) hours of operation. Uses two standard High Capacity (HC) power packs. The machine has no integral communications or sensors packages.

A GloryHound Exoskeleton grants its wearer the ability to lift, push, or pull up to 500 kgs (including the exoskeleton itself) without stress. Unarmed combat is difficult, though the user may take advantage of their increased strength. All melee attacks by a wearer grant a +4 to-hit bonus.



For many years, man has used machines to lift and move objects that were too heavy for a normal human. In many cases, however, these fork lifts, cranes, and other types of lifting equipment were bulky and unwieldy. The development of the Exoskeleton came from the need for equipment that could maneuver as easily as a human and yet still lift weights upwards of 20 tons.

An Exoskeleton is a suit of mechanical and hydraulic hardware that is worn around the body of the operator. Various sensors detect the motion of the pilot, and translate that motion into computer signals, which are fed into the Exoskeleton’s central processor. The processor relays the signals back to the Exoskeleton’s limbs, which then move in tandem with the operator’s limbs. The limbs of most Exoskeletons are myomer-actuated, similar to the limbs of a Mech.

There are various types of Exoskeletons, with the standard industrial models being rather clunky, like both the popular Light Exoskeletons and Heavy Industrial Exoskeletons, used for either delicate industrial work or more common load-bearing efforts.

The GloryHound was initially designed by * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks” in 3023 for the purposes of using it as a platform for further development of their own Powered Battle Armor. Using both the production blueprints for the Battle Armor – BH-18 “Waddle” Combat Walker, and an actual working copy of the more advanced Battle Armor – Tornado PA, the project has resulted, so far, in the development of this system. It is intended to be a prototype capable of further development as time passes, and eventually the basis for possibly two separate weapons systems for the Iron Dingoes military; both a hardened combat system and a stealth system for special operations.

As of early-3028, the suit is being manufactured on “The Factory” in limited production runs for domestic sale, though it is increasingly popular among ship crews who stop by the system on their way deeper into the Periphery. The suit is sold under the * Husky Heavy Industries banner.

GloryHound Exoskeleton

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