Goblin Infantry Support Tank


Goblin Infantry Support Tank (45 tons)

Power Plant : LongWay 180 ICE
Cruise Speed : 43.0 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.4 kph (6)

Armor : ProtecTech 9 (Armor Factor 72) : 4.5 tons
Front – 30
Right Side – 24
Left Side – 24
Rear – 20
Turret – 30

Armament :
One (1) BlazeFire Systems Large Laser (Turret)
One (1) Johnston Minigun MG (Front)
Ammo (MG) : (100) – (Body)
Infantry Bay (One Squad) – (Body)

Manufacturer : Johnston Industries, System – New Syrtis (Federated Suns)
Communications System : CommuTech XL
Targeting and Tracking System : BlazeFire tracker w/ RangeCheck

Notes : Cost = 1,750,000 Cs.



Overview : No one knows where the design concept for the Goblin originated, but it appeared either during the final years of the Age of War, or during the opening salvos of the Reunification War. The Goblin’s production was taken over from the old Star League plant companies by Johnston Industries by the end of the First Succession War.

Capabilities : Instead of mounting a bulky auto-cannon or missile system, the Goblin’s main weapon is a large laser. Possessing both good range and damage potential, it has firepower without resorting to ammunition. The BlazeFire Systems laser series also lacks the longer barrel of a ballistics system, allowing for a compact turret design that does not limit itself in tight, urban quarters. The BlazeFire T&T is custom-designed for use with this weapon, and allows an optional up-link to the rest of the vehicle’s three-man crew, allowing any one of them to fire the weapon from their positions. The Minigun, however, must be fired by the driver.

The Goblin’s most interesting feature, however, is the infantry compartment in the rear of the tank. Large enough to hold a full heavy infantry squad and its equipment, the space and comfort of the bay provides ample opportunity for long distance transport. With an organic infantry support and a turret design not hindered by a long barrel, the Goblin makes for an excellent urban combat vehicle.

Deployment : The Goblin is a very common vehicle among Federated Suns forces, particularly its mechanized infantry regiments and armored battalions for deployment among its RCTs (Regimental Combat Teams). During the Second and Third Succession Wars, House Liao has managed to capture numerous Goblins, and has pressed them into service along that front. It has also been seen as a garrison vehicle in Periphery ComStar HPG sites, protecting the assets of that organization when local militia forces are not sufficient.

Variants : Some Goblins have been modified by replacing the large laser with a short- or long-range missile systems. A rare Kurita version uses an SRM-6 rack in the turret and has five MGs located along the sides and rear compartments, controlled by the infantry in their bays.

Goblin Infantry Support Tank

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