GOL-1H Goliath

Assault Fire-Support Mech


GOL-1H (80 tons)

Chassis : Corean VIII

Power Plant : Hermes 320
Cruise Speed : 43.6 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.9 kph (6)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None
Heat Sinks : 17

Armor : StarSlab/3 (Armor Factor 232) : 14.5 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 25/30
Rear – 19
Right Torso – 17/20
Rear – 13
Left Torso – 17/20
Rear – 13
Right Arm – 17/24
Left Arm – 17/24
Right Leg – 17/30
Left Leg – 17/30

Armament :
One (1) Rand PPC (RT)
Two (2) Holly 10-Rack LRM-10s (RT, LT)
Ammo (LRM) : 24 (CT)
Two (2) Voelkers 200 MGs (RT, LT)
Ammo (MG) : 200 (LT)

Manufacturer : Brigadier Corporation, Oliver, Free World’s Republic (Destroyed 2837); Corean Enterprises, Stewart, Free World’s Republic.
Communications System : Corean TransBand-J9
Targeting & Tracking System : Corean B-Tech

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/1 : n : n : y : 180 : 6 : 31 : 5 : 8 : +1 : n : n.

Notes : This Mech cannot move if one of its legs are disabled.


Overview : After the limited success of the Scorpion, Brigadier went on to produce a larger version. While the Scorpion was not a great design, it had also overcome the issues regarding a four-legged chassis. By learning from their failures with the Scorpion and the Xanathos, they were able to begin design on a far better Mech. Sadly, the questionable nature of the Scorpion made the Goliath sales initially difficult, and the Star League passed on the design. After over a century of steady, but limited service in the Periphery and House armies, the League inquired about purchasing some Goliaths, but the deal fell through as the Amaris Coup led to the dissolution of the Star League.

Capabilities : The Goliath is a steady fire-support unit, with a PPC and dual LRM racks providing good ranged firepower. At 64 kph, it can keep up with the usual heavy units, and some medium support Mechs, while its almost fifteen tons of armor lets it take a beating. One of the strongest points of the Goliath is the number of heat sinks that allows it to keep up an almost constant rate of fire. Up close, the Goliath suffers. Dual MGs might be good at fending off infantry, but against armored units they prove almost useless, where its long-range weaponry becomes inaccurate.

Deployment : Very few Goliaths remain, and most of those are split between the Lyran units and the Free World’s League. The Lyran Commonwealth put a priority on maintaining their Goliaths while Corean manufactures only a handful every year. Defiance Industries makes spare parts for the Goliath, and has discussed manufacturing it, but they are holding out for upgraded design technologies before dedicating an entire line to its manufacture.

Despite its rarity (there has been only one recorded instance of Goliath on Goliath action), it has been recorded in many important battles over the centuries. In a 2901 battle for Sirius, a Marik Goliath was the centerpiece of the assault on the Liao positions. Moving through a hole opened in the Liao lines, it was able to slip into their support positions and disabled a BattleMaster and two ShadowHawks guarding the Capellan HQ., before destroying it.

Variants There are no known production variants of the Goliath in service.

GOL-1H Goliath

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