Aggressive Scavenger



The Grnedal are the planet Grendal’s most fearsome life form, a bipedal, sea-dwelling amphibian that is the reason for the planet’s name.

Homeworld : System – Grendal
Preferred Environment : Oceans.

Mass : 300 kgs
Attributes : 12/15/3/5/3/5/3
Size : Large (1)
BAR (M/B/E/X) : 3/1/0/1
Damage (AP/BD) : 2M/3
Move (W/R/S) : 4/8/30
Traits : Aggressive, Armor (
2), Compulsion/Aims for Head, Night Vision (4), Offensive Adaptation (Claws/Bite)
Skills (A/P/T) : AniMelee (
3), Perception (2), Stealth (1), Swimming (5), Tracking (1)

Notes : -


Grendal live in coastal waters of the planet Grendal’s oceans (down to a pressure of around 6-7 atmospheres), but can also visit the surface and walk (rather awkwardly) on land. It is a fierce and dangerous creature, massing up to 300kgs, and has been known to raid coastal settlements for food (stealing livestock, game, garbage, and unwary colonists indiscriminately). Primarily nocturnal in its habits, the creatures rarely seen for more than a few minutes at a time. Little is really known about the creature’s habits or its natural environment, and they shun noisy undersea craft and make short work of individual divers and remote equipment.

Rumors of the Grendals spotted using tools, wearing small artifacts, and so forth are infrequent, and usually summed-up as the result of too much alcohol, poor visibility, or over-active imaginations. There is, however, a growing voice on the colony that is trying to convince the scientific community the creatures are sentient and represent the planet’s own Darwinian experiment.


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