Grupo Odinsa

Engineering and Construction Company


Odinsa is a large Sangrian construction and infrastructure development publicly traded company (the largest engineering association in Sangria). It engages in road, highway, airport (about 18% of total sales) and railway building in addition to real estate and private/public grant projects (through concessions). Real estate projects are through subsidiary Odinsa Holding Inc. The company also does business outside of Sangria, mostly in the Delancourt and other nations neighboring the Atlantis Ocean. In 3009 it participated in a Social Interest Housing Project (50% interest) which built 450 homes in Ciudad Garcia.

Odinsa is considered one of the eight “leading operators of transportation infrastructure worldwide”. On September 14, 3017 it had a market cap of 549.45 million Cs.

According to the 3017 global competitiveness report Sangria’s public infrastructure quality (railroads, ports and especially roads) is among the worst on Terramatrix, meaning that companies like Odinsa should continue to be in high demand (the company had a backlog of 1.2 billion Cs in 3017 up 20% over the previous year). It has benefited from the recent easing of government controls, though its failures in fulfilling various national contracts are lessened by the fact that most of its employers are no longer able to afford those contracts.


Trade Symbol : GrpOdin
Home Office : System – Dumassas
President/CEO : Victor Manuel Cruz Vega
Founding Date : August 19th, 3009

Grupo Odinsa Projects

As of 3021 the company had both minor and controlling interests in a number of large projects in Sangria, San Isabel and Delancourt. The company is also involved in projects having to do with electrical power generation (in Delancourt and San Isabel), public services infrastructure, and real estate projects. Business associated with construction generates about more than half of Odinsa’s revenue.

Transport Infrastructure – Chief among their contracts is the recent 20-year contract with the Diego International Airport, to improve its facilities and make it capable of more international flights and improve its DropShip capacity. Their 30-year contract to develop and manage the main railroad network in Sangria, was sold-off in 3013, though they still maintain the smaller railway leading from the city to Diego Airport. Odinsa is negotiating a 5-year contract for the improvement of the Camino Muerto leading over the Blue Mountains into The District of Guaviare.


Established in 3009 to improve the industrial infrastructure of Ciudad Garcia, Odinsa has proven exceedingly capable of fulfilling its contracts and taking engineering and construction tasks as needed.

In 3023 and for several years after, Odinsa has been employed in numerous construction and infrastructural projects for * Landhold : Garrison and nearby * Landhold : Miguel. The Iron Dingoes began pouring millions into their communities, and Odinsa has continually proven capable of dealing with the needs of this wealthy patron and their landhold communities.

As of late-3025, the difficulties regarding national infrastructure worldwide had hurt the company appreciably, but its efforts in its primary markets, ( Sangria, San Isabel and Delancourt ) remains relatively unchanged. In particular, it has pulled most of its surviving international hard assets from the nations of the former League of Free Nations, and relocated its efforts to local demands and investments. It remains the primary construction company of all three nations.

In early-3026, the company was hired by * “The Iron Dingoes” to design and build their military college of * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, and quickly set to work with all the skill and experience they held. Later that year, following the Iron Dingoes conquests in System – Gollere, they were hired to oversee the planning and production of a small technical school on Gollere as well, but while management of the project would remain in Grupo Odinsa hands, the facility would largely be built by indigenous engineering assets, including the construction and technical assets of the Technical Regiment of the * Tharn Iron Legions.

Through 3028-30, the attentions of the company were dominated with building the production facilities and compound for Aegira Technologies in Solano. While the bulk of the production facility is now complete, there is still work being done on several housing projects for the workers of these plants, as well as various improvements to the local support infrastructure, including the large airfield and drop-port that serves the company. Bertling Logistics has proven essential to this and other national efforts, and a close working relationship has developed between the two companies.

Grupo Odinsa

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