HBK-4G Hunchback

Medium Urban Combat Mech


HBK-4G Hunchback (50 tons)

Chassis : Crucis Type V

Power Plant : Nissan 200
Cruise Speed : 43.2 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.3 kph (6)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None
Heat Sinks : 13

Armor : Starshield (Armor Factor 160) : 10.0 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 16/26
Rear – 5
Right Torso – 12/20
Rear – 4
Left Torso – 12/20
Rear – 4
Right Arm – 8/16
Left Arm – 8/16
Right Leg – 12/20
Left Leg – 12/20

Armament :
One (1) Kali Yama Big Bore Autocannon/20 (RT)
Ammo (AC) : 10 (LT)
Two (2) Hellion-V Medium Lasers (RA, LA)
One (1) Diverse Optics Type 10 Small Laser (H)

Manufacturer : KaliYama Weapons Industries, Kalidasa (Free World’s League).
Communications System : Omicron 4002 Networking Channel
Targeting & Tracking System : TRSS Eagle Eye

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/1 : y : y : n : 360 : 7 : 25 : 4 : 8 : – : y : y.

Notes : None.


Overview : An earlier design introduced in 2572, the Hunchback is a medium- to short-range brawler that rose to prominence during the many urban battles of the Reunification Wars. Widely known for its street-fighting abilities, the Hunchback soon earned the respect and admiration of many MechWarriors.

Though the original Komiyaba/Nissan General Industries factories were destroyed during the Succession Wars, Kali Yama acquired the rights to the design and was soon producing the Hunchback for the Free World’s League.

Capabilities : The AC/20 that occupies a third of the design’s mass exclusively defines the Hunchback. Able to strip armor and breach to internals in a single shot, the Kali Yama Big Bore is highly feared even among MechWarrior’s piloting assault-class Mechs. A pair of arm-mounted medium lasers and a single small laser rounds out the medium- and short-range array. Though the weapons are potent, when fired together the design will run moderately hot despite its thirteen heat sinks.

Though its ten tons of Starshield armor are comparable to many heavy designs, in actual practice the armor has been shown to be too light for the intense conditions many MechWarriors subject it to. With so few secondary systems, once the armor is breached the MechWarrior will often take a direct hit on their autocannon, or worse, on their ammunition.

Too slow to keep up with most advanced elements of a fighting force, a Hunchback often finds itself as part of the second wave, using its fearsome main gun to exploit the weakened armor of its enemies. Often a defender will feel they have the battle won, only to have their morale plummet upon seeing a fresh Hunchback wading into the mix, dropping BattleMechs with one or two salvos.

Deployment : As an older design, the Hunchback is found in the armies of every Great House and Periphery nation. The design is particularly favored by the Draconis Combine, and Capellan Confederation as it fits the preferred dueling nature and all-or-nothing tactics used by these states. With the only remaining production facility remaining in Marik space, the Mech remains extensively used throughout the Free World’s League.

Variants : Dwindling supplies and personal preference has led to the creation of many variants, labelled “Swaybacks”. All strip out the massive autocannon for smaller and more numerous weapons, the most popular being banks of medium lasers (the HBK-4P ) or short-range missile racks (the 4SP ). Others, like the 4H and 4N designs, use smaller grades of autocannons and additional medium lasers, and some (such as the 4J ) even turn their Swaybacks into fire-support designs with long-range missiles.

HBK-4G Hunchback

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