Heavy SRM Pack Launcher

Infantry Assault Weapons


The Heavy SRM Launcher fires the exact same Short Range Missile as used by BattleMechs and other Combat Vehicles, giving the infantry a potent weapon to use against armored targets. However, due to the size and weight of the launcher, as well as the 10-kilogram missiles themselves, soldiers are virtually required set up in an emplacement and have a vehicle close at hand to haul ammunition.

The SRM Launcher comes in both a single-round and double-round model.

Equipment Rating : C-D-E
AP/BD : 6/7D6
Range : 60/225/425/740
Shots : 2 (1)
Cost/Reload : 1500/450 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 30kg/10kg

Notes : Blast, Encumbering.


Probably the last word in anti-personnel weapons, the Heavy SRM Pack Launcher is an anti-Mech weapon that does large amounts of damage to personnel targets, employing standard combat SRM missiles in HE or “Inferno” formats. Since most examples of this weapon and their ammunition are heavy, they are featured as a shoulder-mounted unit, permitting them to be employed in the field and fired on targets directly.

Deployment of the Heavy SRM Pack Launcher is equally distributed across the Inner Sphere and even common among the Periphery States, though its expense and complexity of manufacture makes it difficult to acquire and supply.

Traditionally employed by static garrisons and other defensive organizations, the weapon provides its troops with a potent method of getting range on combat vehicles and striking solid damage against attackers.

Note : The model depicted is a rare version that allows the firer to adjust missile flight using the controls mounted on its users belt. The levers on the user’s belt control the azimuth and flight elevation of each missile in flight, using wire cable controls.

Heavy SRM Pack Launcher

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