Heavy Tactical Utility Truck

Heavy Transport


Heavy Tactical Utility Truck – (20 tons)

Power Plant : Various 80 ICE
Cruise Speed : 76.2 kph (5)
Flank Speed : 120.0 kph (8)

Armor : Light Industrial (BAR 4 : 48) : 3.0 tons
Front – 12
Right Side – 12
Left Side – 12
Rear – 12
Turret – None

Armament : None
Cargo : 10.0 tons (Body)

Communications System : Various
Manufacturer : Various

Note : Cost = 95,000 Cs. Crew =1. Military grade radio = 10 kms. Range = 600 kms.



HEMTT 10-ton Fuel Truck

Overview : A variety of wheeled trucks used for heavy freight or military transport and logistics, Heavy Tactical Utility Trucks include open and closed vans, tractor-trailers, and other varieties ranging from 15 to 25 tons in size. Most heavy transports are designed primarily for on-road travel, with top speeds of 70-90 kph, and with moderate armor protection.

Capabilities : Heavy Tactical Utility Trucks are extremely versatile vehicles with a large open cargo space that can prove invaluable to front-line forces, or large corporations. Although designed primarily for on-road transit, most are rugged and meant to provide service across a wide spectrum of services, and are called upon to travel along rough roads where there is little infrastructure to speak of.

Deployment : Though primarily designed as utility transports, some are employed in cross-country travel and exploration, these vehicles are common among larger military units, and can be found throughout the Inner Sphere. Their production involves little enough light industry, and they can be produced by most planet’s central industrial infrastructure.


Variants : There are few variants to the basic design and chassis of the heavy transport. Heavy Tactical Utility Trucks are commonly used by larger organizations for important logistics services, such as fuel and ammo haulers, or as wreckers, with a platform and lift hoist for salvage. They are easily modified and adapted to a wide range of services.

Military versions of the typical heavy transport, are usually equipped with a weapon of some sort (typically an MG or an SRM-2, with ammo), at the expense of cargo space, either mounted above the cab, with or without a turret, and fired by a dedicated gunner. If forced into combat, however, there is little chance of them surviving the point of contact for long.

Heavy Tactical Utility Truck

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