HG-7 Small Arms Repair Kit

Small Arms Salvage/Repair Kit


The HG-7 is a basic field repair and cleaning kit designed for the exclusive use of the HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle. This kit contains everything needed to properly maintain a military style weapon in the field and in garrison. Easy to handle and complete with both a water-proof container and a synthetic leather field pouch, it also includes 150 cleaning patches, numerous bore brushes and other important hand tools.

Equipment Rating : C-A-A
Cost/Reload : 120Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 3.0 kgs

Notes : Allows maintenance of ballistic- and gauss-based small arms and support weapons; Restocking costs : 20Cs; +1 Tech/Weapons skill rolls;


Designed by and for the Sangrian soldier, the HG-7 is a vital tool in the arsenal of the modern soldier. While many people in the nation might have access to automatic weapons, few actually have the complete field kit necessary to maintain the weapon for long-term use. The HG-7 provides these tools through a decade of field testing, and was assembled after consultation with soldiers in the field.

The kit is considered essential for salvage and repair of all ballistic- and gauss-based small arms and support weapons. It is exclusively available through the Brass Dogs Munitions Plant in * Landhold : Garrison, and only to military personnel. It is considered standard equipment provided in the Dumassas (Advanced) Infantry Field Kit.

HG-7 Small Arms Repair Kit

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