Hilton, Morely and Dowland Legal Services

Legal Consultants


Hilton, Morely and Dowland Legal Services, is the station’s location for providing legal counsel regarding interstellar trade law. All three on-site lawyers tend to specialize in this service, and have quickly become indispensable as notary witnesses and consultants in system trade matters, taking a 1% consulting fee on every contract they approve. They have grown very wealthy in this endeavour.

The firm also provides legal services to civilians on the station, as well as criminal cases against the station’s owners, * “The Iron Dingoes”. There are, however, very few of these sorts of cases, since they recognize their position is closely dependent upon Dingoes good graces, and there is very little in the way of a system authority to bring cases to. Most settle as simple fines, or are refused out-right if obscure enough that no real evidence can be found against the station (which is very common).

The facility has a very austere atmosphere, almost clinical in appearance. It is obviously an attempt to promote a professional atmosphere among potential clients.


Established early in 3022 as “The Factory” began to become important to the local system, the three lawyers of this firm (Hilton, Morely and Dowland) have gained a reputation in interstellar law, despite they are rather new to the topic. They are, however, convenient for traders, and continue to do good business as consultants.

Hilton, Morely and Dowland Legal Services

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