Horn Industries

Regional Corporation of Gollere


Horn Industries is a regional manufacturing corporation of System – Gollere, that is wholly-owned by The Barony of Horn and its ruler, Baron Jemmas of Horn. * “The Iron Dingoes” have a 20% share in part of the company’s production.


Originally just the light industrial efforts of the Baron of Horn, when he first established his colony at the behest of the planetary trade corporation, known as the Mangai, the organization has grown in importance over the years. While it sells the ubiquitous Musket Rifles and various traditional ironmongery from the Foundry, such goods are aimed at the domestic markets, and not suitable for off-world trade.

The formal development of the company came in late-3023, when it began development of various off-world trade goods, such as the Cosmic Knife and LIF-CK Micro-Fusion Battery Pack. The development of these goods has created a unique niche in local trade regulations, (nobody else produces these particular goods) allowing him to circumnavigate the colonial charter he was granted to establish the colony at Horn. As they are for his internal consumption and are exclusively sold off-world, they have become something of a thorn in the side of the Mangai.

In mid-3025, the Prydwen-Class Carrier Airship was first introduced under the Horn Industries banner, though it too is slated exclusively for the Barony of Horn’s own military.



In late-3023, the Barony was granted the damaged Cosmic Knife and LIF-CK Micro-Fusion Battery Pack production lines by the Iron Dingoes, in exchange for a 20% production share. Employing many of the Barony’s brightest and sharpest technicians, the lines have brought something of a boom-town attitude to the local region. The facility is located outside the town of Horn’s walls, with access to the local river and boasts a Wind Dirigible mooring station for supplies and goods transfers. A small underground electrical dam was also built here to provide the power the factory lines require, and is integral to the complex.

The battery pack lines began production in mid-3025, while the more substantial Cosmic Blade lines are undergoing heavy rebuilding and modifications, and are not expected to begin production until sometime around mid-3026. Both goods are unique to the world, and are expected to trade widely across the planet and even into off-world cargoes.

Horn Industries

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