Horn Industries

Regional Corporation of Gollere


Horn Industries is a regional manufacturing corporation of System – Gollere, that is wholly-owned by The Duchy of Horn and its ruler, Baron Jemmas of Horn. * “The Iron Dingoes” have an important share in part of the company’s production.


Originally just the light industrial efforts of the Duke (then Baron) of Horn, when he first established his colony at the behest of the planetary trade corporation, known as the Mangai, Horn Industries has grown in importance over the years. While it sells various traditional ironmongery from the Foundry, such goods are aimed at his own domestic markets, and not particularly suitable for off-world trade. The Foundry also produces the vaunted Old Blood Rifle from its forges, which supplies the local military with what many consider to be the best-made, domestically-developed combat rifle on the planet.

The formal formation of the company came in late-3023, when it began development of various off-world trade goods, such as the Sonic Blade and LIF-CK “LIFer” Micro-Fusion Battery Pack. The development of these goods has created a unique niche in local trade regulations, (nobody else produces these particular goods) allowing him to circumnavigate the colonial charter he was granted to establish the colony at Horn.

When the Barony claimed the larger title of Duchy, and was accepted after the existing Mangai bureaucracy was over-thrown, the company made its mark as an exclusive production company, and it eventually achieved its own seat on the Mangai, in 3030.

Today, the company continues to develop its lines and has begun expanding production to include several related products. Product lines include;

BRKR “Barker” Tactical Radio Transmitter
XC6 Xplore Noteputer
LIF-CK “LIFer” Micro-Fusion Battery Pack
Sonic Blade
Old Blood Combat Shotgun
Prydwen-Class Carrier Airship




In late-3023, the Barony was granted the damaged Sonic Blade and LIF-CK “LIFer” Micro-Fusion Battery Pack production lines by the Iron Dingoes, in exchange for a 20% production share. Employing many of the Barony’s brightest and sharpest technicians, the lines have brought something of a boom-town attitude to the local region. The facility is located outside the town of Horn’s walls, with access to the local river and boasts a Wind Dirigible mooring station for supplies and goods transfers. A small underground electrical dam was also built here to provide the power the factory lines require, and is integral to the complex.

The first product developed by Horn Industries, was the Old Blood Rifle, which was immediately adopted by Horn’s own military forces, and sold to interested military forces from all the resource colonies. With the halt of * Manticora’s own Tulip M2981 production, the “Old Blood” became the premier combat rifle available to most colony militias, until the 3026 introduction of the HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle, which eventually forced the weapon to be manufactured only by local independent workshops for the civilian hunting market.

Originally designed as a companion weapon system to the Old Blood Rifle, the Old Blood Combat Shotgun was held in production limbo while Horn Industries reworked its design to match more modern standards. In 3030, the weapon replaced the Old Blood Rifle in production, and quickly saw interest from parties seeking an advanced combat support weapon, as well as local security forces that wanted something marketed for urban and close combat support sales. The weapon also comes with a modification to licensed military purchasers, to convert it into a fully-automatic assault weapon.

The battery pack lines began production in mid-3025, while the more substantial Cosmic Blade lines were forced to undergo heavy rebuilding and modifications, and were not expected to begin production until sometime around mid-3026. Both presently produce their signature goods for Horn’s own growing markets and export to * Duchy of Tharn, where the increasing technology base of that government requires access to the LIFer, and its military sees the value in the vibro-sword. Both also see limited off-world export to the Iron Dingoes own forces and interested off-world merchants.

In mid-3025, the Prydwen-Class Carrier Airship was first introduced under the Horn Industries banner, though it was slated exclusively for the Barony of Horn’s own air force, despite interest from many other resource colonies across the planet. This large craft is produced at the private military facility of the Duchy of Horn in Devn, and has produced several units exclusively for the Duke’s own military, as well as one to their allies in The Duchy of Windward.

In late-3027, the company began expanding its production facilities in Horn, with the intent to develop and produce both the BRKR “Barker” Tactical Radio Transmitter and the XC6 Xplore Noteputer for the planet’s domestic markets, as well as a limited export off-world to its allied forces in * “The Iron Dingoes”. Built above-ground, the facility is a pair of simple production wings along the north of the facility, but remain powered by the integral hydro-power plant buried under the main facility. Both began production in early-3029.

Horn Industries

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