Huartzek Forest


The Huartzek Forest is covered mostly by a rugged series of hills and canyons, known as the Baudó Hills. The Baudó Hills on the coast and west across the forest towards the Valera Mountains are cut by low valleys with an altitude less than 1,000 meters that form most of the territory. Most of the forest is thick rainforest. Much of Sangria’s internal consumption of wood come from the Huartek, with a small percentage harvested for eventual export.

The region is technically considered a territory of The New Republic of Sangria, known as The (Territorial) District of Huartzek, though there is no central governing authority in the district, beyond the government of Quibdó, its nominal capital.


Most of the rainforest is constantly swept by hard rain almost every day in intense thunderstorms, and sunny periods seldom last more than a few hours after sunrise. giving the area virtually no noticeable seasons. Three large rivers drain the territory, the Atrato, the San Juan and the Baudó, and each has many tributaries.

Although rugged, the terrain is not as daunting as found in the Corazón Jungle. The overwhelming aspect of the forest is its wetness; the Huartzek Forest is considered the wettest place on Terramatrix. The region has always been a barrier to further expansion of the colonial efforts of the region, but soils are poor and washouts common enough that agricultural efforts in the region have never been able to support colonial efforts. What land is cleared, is under constant barrage of the constant rains, so agriculture remains low-key and barely sufficient for the local population. Only fishing and income earned through harvesting timber keeps most locals above starvation.

The discovery of gold and platinum along the Atrato Valley is what drew settlers to the region, and while this supported the population for generations, the failure of the local mines has led to a spiral of crime and poverty that has only increased social pressures to bring change. In the past, this anger has been expressed through militancy and demands for independence, but recently, talk has been of joining the The New Republic of Sangria, and their their promise of a better life through land offers, industrial work, and the chance at education. While the remote river towns of the Huartzek Forest have since begun to shrink as people move to Ciudad Garcia seeking opportunity, population pressures, crime, and poverty are rife throughout the forests.


Emberá Indian Girl

Huartzek is inhabited predominantly by the Emberá, a regressed colonial people, with more than half of their total population in Sangria living in the territory, some 35,500. They practice subsistence agriculture, hunting and artisan fishing and live near the many rivers.

The total population of the district in 3013, was less than 50,000, with more than half living in Atrato Valley. Quibdó is the largest town with a population of almost 10,000. Other important towns include Istmina, Condoto, Nóvita and El Carmen in the interior rivers, Acandí on the northern Atlantis Ocean coast, and Solano on Lake Valencia.


Huartzek Forest

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