* Iron Dingoes Medical Corps


The Iron Dingo Medical Corps : Medical Group / Green / Questionable

Founded on January 1st, 3024, the Iron Dingoes Medical Corps was assembled from the unit’s scattered medical resources, and placed around the core of the salvaged Air Mobile Field Hospital and personnel from the unit’s Islas Brasilera conflict. All medical personnel of * “The Iron Dingoes” are now considered placed under the aegis of this unit. From a diverse series of sources (much as the rest of the unit’s technicians), the Iron Dingoes’ medical staff has proven, over time, to be exceptionally talented and capable.

Medical personnel of the ID Medical Corps provide operational (deployed) and operational readiness (in-garrison) medical care to entitled personnel and dependents. Their primary roles as care-givers does not conflict with their training as regular infantry, and the unit carefully holds to the Ares Conventions as a guide in its day-to-day activities. Long-term plans are to increase the unit’s medical personnel, including its Surgical Group, but also ensure there is a member of each squad trained as a paramedic.

Officers : The senior officer of the unit is Doctor (Major) Delphine Young, who leads from her position in the unit’s landhold of “The Factory”. Her administration and over-sight ensures supplies are shifted to units in need and appropriate personnel are available for operations, and she has been assigned a couple civilian administrative squads to assist her in matters.

The recently created Field Surgery Group is led by Captain Elias Koteas, and has a number of San Marcos surgical and medical personnel under his control. The unit serves as an air-mobile hospital, using one-quarter of their assigned Air Mobile Field Hospital in operations throughout Iron Dingoes landholds and even to assist medical needs in The New Republic of Sangria own territories, when requested. The unit has extensive access to both Armadyne AM-226 Medical Field Kits and Armadyne AM-446 Surgical Field Kits, as well as four individual MASH-capable modules, and with its access to the medical facilities located on “The Factory”, it is possibly the best surgical hospital in System – Dumassas. Expansion of this division of the medical corps to full strength, is Doctor Young’s primary goal.

Medical field operations fall under the control of Captain Jenna Seedar, who does the task well, though her own command squad is simply a group of paramedics from various sources, that have learned and adapted to their calling. Various permanent squads are assigned to units in the Iron Dingoes to oversee their medical needs, including such officers as Doctor Carolyn Lamb, who does double-duty as the unit’s planetologist, as well as a chief medical officer for the Iron Dingoes line unit, the “Dire Dingoes”. Other officers include Doctor Evram Mintz, who leads the medical squad responsible for medical needs of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, as well as another operating as an independent squad assigned to * “The Fold Fiends”.

An additional Support Medical Group has been formed, initially from paramedics from System – Dunkelheim but other medical personnel have been added through recruitment and suborning captive personnel. Dealing with the medical needs of the many infantry forces in Dingoes control, these extra squads are assigned as needed and have basic medical equipment, primarily used as “preventative” medical forces, and often working directly with infantry squads in post-combat recovery. They still answer to Captain Seedar during standard operations. While they are based from the “Star Talon” others travel through the entire unit, providing medical care as required by its numerous members. A handful have also been assigned to * Landhold : Garrison, providing support services to the unit’s civilian dependents in MercTown, as well as its * Fraternal Iron Dingoes Organization (FIDO) branch of service.


Iron Dingoes Civilian Medic

Support : Medical personnel in civilian postings, such as in hospitals and clinics on Iron Dingoes landholds, or at “The Factory”, often wear more traditional civilian clothing, largely to represent their position as a non-combatant, though most still have rudimentary training as soldiers and can defend their charges at need. They are still quite competent at their tasks, and have full access to traditional Iron Dingoes medical equipment, including the Rejuvination Suites on the Factory and other high-tech equipment and services.

As a technical unit itself, the ID Medical Corps personnel are equipped as a typical technicians in the Iron Dingoes. In addition to their usual Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023)s, each is equipped with several standard medical kits (usually 6-8 as standard equipment) in a separate, clearly marked shoulder bag. Field surgical units are also equipped with a couple (2-3) basic surgical kits in the same bag. Access to more advanced medical equipment is not typically available in the field.

The unit uses the typical blue striping of a technical trooper in Iron Dingoes operations, but wears the ID Medical Corps badge of a stylized Staff of Æsculapius wrapped around a sword on both their caps and left shoulder. Their lack of an Engineer’s Tool, and medical bag rather than tool kit, is the only thing that identifies them from a standard technician from * “The Dingo Pack”.

Tactics : The Dingo Pack is not considered a combat unit, and do not have a general tactical scheme, beyond working with the groups to which they are assigned. When in the field, the unit deploys in appropriate vehicles to assist in medical evacuation and support. They are, however, trained as infantry, and can defend themselves and their charges at need.


Iron Dingoes Medical Corps “XXX

Administrative Medical Group
Two (2) “Desert Iris” Jeeps
2 Administrative Squads (2 Reg)

Field Surgery Group
Air Mobile Field Hospital
8 Medical Squads (3 Vet, 3 Reg, 2 Green)

Field Medical Group
Two (2) MT-1B Light Troop Carriers
One (1) MASH Cobra Transport VTOL “Angel of Mercy” (Veteran)
1 Medical Squad (Green)
1 Paramedic Squad (Reg)

Support Medical Group
10 Paramedic Squads (2 Elite, 2 Vet, 3 Reg, 3 Green)

Tharn Iron Legion Medical Company
19 Medical Squads (19 Green)


Initially formed in January 1st, 3024, the organization has remained fairly unchanged ever since its inception. There is presently work to establish a formal educational branch to increase its numbers, as part of * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences.

The unit spent most of 3026-27 working with medical company from the * Tharn Iron Legions, attempting to modernize that section of the militia group, and familiarize them with “modern” Inner Sphere technology. Several members of their younger teams learned a great as a result, and they were able to bring a basic understanding of their knowledge and surgical techniques to the medical personnel of the regional militia.

In late-3027, the unit was rotated back to the Iron Dingoes landholds in System – Dumassas, where they were able to take some time off and prepare for their future deployments.

In early-3029, the medical corps took over the operations of the * Tharn Iron Legions own medical company, bringing that force up to Iron Dingoes standards, though their knowledge of modern medical techniques is lacking in many respects, making them all fairly green in status regarding such standards.

* Iron Dingoes Medical Corps

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