Ignis Infantry Support Tank

Urban Assault Tank


Ignis Infantry Support Tank (30 tons)

Power Plant : RWA 120 ICE
Cruise Speed : 43.8 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.1 kph (6)

Armor : Garbonne Crystal-Plate 9 (Armor Factor 144) : 9.0 tons
Front – 54
Right Side – 25
Left Side – 25
Rear – 17
Turret – 23

Armament :
One (1) Halta MG (Turret)
Ammo (MG) : 100 (Body)
Four (4) Intar Burners (Vehicle Flamers) : (2 RS, 2 LS)
Ammo (Flamer) : 80 (Body)
Infantry Bay (Squad) : (Body)

Manufacturer : United Mechanics LLC, Apollo (Lyran Commonwealth).
Communications System : FR-es Special-II
Targeting and Tracking System : Lester ATR

Notes : Obsolete (2586) – Vehicle costs more to maintain due to difficulty in acquiring parts.



Overview : When components of its populace became increasingly more restless, the Rim World’s Republic saw reason to give its military the tools necessary to destroy insurgents that could not be uprooted from their urban shelters. The solution came in the form of a heavily modified infantry-support tank. With more than a ton and a half of armor added to its broad front, the vehicle was designed to crash through the walls of a targeted building, after which its side-mounted flamers would torch anything – or anyone – inside. A turret-mounted high caliber machine gun would be used to deal with any who escaped the initial assault. Its squad-sized infantry bay was retained, further amplifying the vehicle’s utility in urban combat. Originally built as an APC called the Ram, most crews called it the Ignis after the Vedic god of fire and accepter of sacrifices to the other gods. The vehicle was officially renamed after some years of deployment.

Ignis crews were picked for their devotion to the RWR and their desire to go to any lengths to maintain unity. The Ignis was feared even more than it was hated, and it was successful in breaking the resistance of numerous worlds. The vehicle was retired once pacification had been completed a decade after its creation, but remained a vital and important symbol in Republican history.

In 2751, President Stefan Amaris brought the Ignis back into production for his Amaris Dragoon regiments. Exclusively assigning crews who had strong hatred for the Star League. When it was deployed with the Dragoons, the vehicle was placed in dedicated companies solely composed of the Ignis. Due to its high maintenance issues, several battalions of the vehicles were acquired, so enough vehicles would be available. During the Amaris Coup, the Ignis was noted for its atrocities against civilians in the Terran Hegemony. The 99th Amaris Dragoons’ Ignis platoons had committed severe atrocities that would be admired by the more tyrannical mercenary units over the centuries since.

Capabilities : The Halta MG turret system was a reliable, if unremarkable weapon system in its day. The Intar Burner units mounted in pairs along the vehicle’s sides are known to be able to use practically any propellant, a property eagerly explored by many Ignis crews, with many switching to low-heat mixtures that prolonged exposure to targets. The Ignis also mounts an air horn or air-raid siren, which was used to announce the imminent collision with a targeted building. Some crews upgraded these to exceptionally strong sirens capable of wails in excess of 160 decibels.

Beyond its inability to retaliate with even mid-ranged weapons-fire, the Ignis is not considered a well-designed vehicle. Many suffered from repeated suspension problems after even only a year of regular use, and most have to have their engines completely replaced every 2-3 years. Persistent electrical problems regularly sidetrack the vehicle as well.

Deployment : Initially only sent to select elements of the RWR’s state security apparatus, the Ignis was not deployed to regular infantry units until after Stefan Amaris had deployed it to his beloved Amaris Dragoons. Each Dragoon regiment deployed at least one company of the vehicle, and most had in excess of a full battalion. With its high number of maintenance issues, it was not uncommon for a unit to maintain an Ignis vehicle pool numbering twice its available crews just to keep it operating at full strength.

Variants : With the specialist nature of the vehicle, few variants of the Ignis were ever attempted. The only one to gain widespread notoriety dropped one flamer from each side and three tons of ammunition to mount a pair of SRM-2s in the turret. This gave it a longer-ranged punch against armored vehicles and light BatleMechs, but crews would often fill the twin ammunition bins with alternate munitions. Tear gas and fragmentation SRMs were commonly used, while Inferno rounds soon became favorites among Ignis crews.

Ignis Infantry Support Tank

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