IMC-40 Grenade Launcher


The IMC-40 grenade launcher is an accessory specially designed to be fitted to individual weapons such as sub machine guns, and assault rifles, specifically for both the SAR and AR models of the HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle, creating a very versatile weapon capable of firing both 5.56 mm assault rifle rounds, and all 40 mm low velocity grenade rounds, either (HE) high explosive or other special purpose rounds.

Equipment Rating : C-B-B
AP/BD : Class B Ordnance
Range : 15/40/90/150
Shots : 1
Cost/Reload : 290 Cs/Varies
AFF : Indumil
Mass/Reload : 3.0kg/450g

Notes : Simple Action to reload.



Indumil 40mm Grenades

Originally licensed for production through the Jose Maria Cordova Factory in San Succi, Sangria, the production line was moved (as of 3023 ) to the new Brass Dog Munitions Plant in * Landhold : Garrison, and remains in limited production.

IMC-40 Grenade Launcher

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