Imperial Crown of Terramatrix

The Royal Regalia of the Prince of Dumassas


The Imperial Crown of Terramatrix, also known as the “Crown of Selich the 3rd” or as the “Diamantine Crown” (so called because all of its precious stones are diamonds), is the Crown manufactured in 2830 for the last ruler of a united Terramatrix.

The Crown’s frame is made of quality 18 karat gold. Its circlet base supports eight imperial semi-arches, connected at the top by a golden monde, which in turn is surmounted by a jeweled cross, forming a globus cruciger. Inside the half-arches lies a dark-green velvet cap (matching the dark green colour of the top surface of the Emperor’s robes). The Crown is set with 639 precious stones (all diamonds), and 77 pearls of 8 millimeters each. The Crown weighs 1.9 kilograms, has a diameter of 205 millimeters and is 31 centimeters high. It is considered one of the most splendid works of Terramatrix jewelry.

Other pieces of the Imperial Regalia include the “Royal Diadem”, long since believed broken into its components and sold-off, and the Sword of the Monarch, a silver-plated boarding saber, marked with the ancient seals of Selich the 1st, which is believed to rest in some rich merchant’s or military officer’s private collection.

The Imperial Crown is considered the property of the now-defunct “Terramatrix State”. It has a market value of somewhere around 2,700,000 Cs to a potential collector.



The Crown of Selich the 3rd was created by the goldsmith Carlos Martin in San Marcos, and was first exhibited to the public on July 8th, 2830, just days before the new monarch’s Coronation that took place on July 18th of the same year.

With the addition of this Crown to the Terramatrix Imperial Regalia, use of the previous, simpler Crown of Selich the 1st was abandoned, with its metal being smelted and refashioned into the present crown. The design of the Crown of Selich the 3rd also replaced the design of the older diadem in flag and coat of arms of the Dumassas Empire, thus making the new Crown the official imperial Crown of the State.

Upon the destruction of the monarchy by BattleMech-equipped bandits in 2860, the government of the newly proclaimed republic took possession of all items of the Imperial Regalia, but no item of the Crown Jewels was sold or destroyed, rather it was held “in trust” by the government of San Marcos, and stored in the former palace of the Selich royal family in Petrópolis, from The Federative Republic of San Marcos.

In 2951, the Imperial Crown of Terramatrix and all other items of the regalia were stolen from the Imperial Museum of Terramatrix (“Museu Imperial”), and never recovered. Several pieces have since shown up in private collections, most notably in the jewellery collections of Aimée de Heeren, a mistress of Getúlio Vargas, the former president of San Marcos, a wealthy landowner and lawyer, who died in 2962.

In late-3024, the jewelled crown was recovered from a high-priority storage facility at the height of the Small War on Islas Brasilera, and taken into the custody of * “The Iron Dingoes” for safe-keeping.

Imperial Crown of Terramatrix

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