Sangrian National Industrial/Military Manufacturer


Officially known as INDUMIL-INDUSTRIA MILITAR, it deals in the production of weapons, ammunition, explosives and metallurgical products obtained from casting and investment casting. Additionally, the company offers machining services, heat treatment, tool manufacturing, surface treatment, laboratory tests and product development. Today, it is the largest military manufacturer of infantry small arms and support weapons, with the only tank production plant on Terramatrix.

In the years since its rise in planetary importance, the company has developed a good working relationship with both the San Isabel company Bognor Motors, and the off-world company * Manticora. As San Isabel lacks a premier military development company, it has grown to depend on the products licensed through Indumil for its own military forces, a fact which many see as part of the reason the two nations work well together in their growing alliance within The Commonwealth of Nations.


Trade Symbol : InduMil
Home Office : System – Dumassas, The Republic of Sangria
President/CEO : Carlos Velasquez
Founding Date : August 16th, 2915.

The primary military industrial company of The Republic of Sangria, maintaining two industrial complexes, both important to the military and economic well-being of the Sangrian state. The company produces, imports and supplies weapons, ammunition, explosives, equipment and complementary elements (such as weapons repair kits and basic infantry field kits) to Sangrian Army Command, the Policia Federales, and other private security organizations. The company is also the source of much of its domestically-produced mining and construction equipment.

The flagship product of the company was its Llama Revolver, a ten-shot revolver popular among civilian forces, though it has halted production following the plant’s destruction in the 1000-Days War. Among its other arms, it provides a light-weight, air-cooled rifle, known as the HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle, the IMC-40 Grenade Launcher, a modern 40mm grenade launcher that is attachable to the Holy Grail, as well as the Milkor MGL, a 40mm automatic, drum-fed grenade launcher popular as a support weapon. They also produce a 60mm Light Mortar for its military, though it isn’t as popular. Munitions include standard small arms ammunition for pistols, automatic pistols, automatic rifles and its own mortars and grenade launchers. Standard HE hand grenades are also manufactured.

The company also produces a series of weapon repair kits for its own ordnance, HG-7 Small Arms Repair Kits; and a line of Light Support Equipment for the national military; and formerly produced both the M-40 ballistic helmet (since replaced by another domestic production company) and ANFO, a safely handled industrial explosive used in construction and mining (the line was lost during a raid by off-world interests).

The primary plant was in San Succi, the Jose Maria C√≥rdova Factory, which was the center for its carbon steel works. It produced the lighter small arms and ammunition, but also converted excess production towards making spare parts for general industrial consumption. It’s “gray iron” processing facility also produced axles, gears and crankshafts, and was important in the production of spare parts for the automotive and railroad industries. The facility also provided heat treatment of metals. The facility has since ceased to exist, though several of its lines survived and were moved to a new facility in * Landhold : Garrison, known as the Brass Dog Munitions Plant.

The secondary company plant is still located in the Antiquia District; the Santa Boyaca Factory, which is the center for the company’s manganese steel production. This factory produces various basic tools (such as shovels, hammers, crowbars and pliers) for the mining industry, agro-industrial sector, cement and brick factories, sand and gravel deposits. For the military, it produces a line of Light Support Equipment for the national military, including its basic hardware for the new Dumassas (Advanced) Infantry Field Kit. Vitally important to the region’s coal mining industry, the complex also provides the means to electrical production in the country, through its value to the coal mining industry.

A third series of plants was built outside of Ciudad Garcia to serve the company in its production of both the Jabali “Wild Boar” MBT and its primary weapon system, the Victory 150mm Autocannon. The site also manufactures some parts for the national military, as well as the civilian Renault Sofasa automotive plant in Antiquia, and militarizes a handful of vehicles for the national military on-site. It has not been yet named.


In mid-3030, the company Mariposa Munitions was founded in San Succi, and began full-scale production of the Milkor MGL for domestic and allied nations deployment as an infantry support weapon. The weapon is an officially licensed product of Mariposa, and pays a small licensing fee to Indumil for the legal right.



Indumil 5.56mm AR “Ball” Rounds

Originally founded in 2915 as “Taller Nacional de Artes Mecanicas”, or the National Workshop of Mechanic Arts, it was renamed InduMil around 2961, when it was nationalized and absorbed into government control to supply the military directly.

In 2961, the company restructured itself and moved its production into a central factory in San Succi, named for its then President, General Jose Maria Cordova. The following year, a private metallurgy company in Antiquia was nationalized and placed under the InduMil banner, named Santa Boyaca, and producing valuable heavy manufacturing abilities needed for the industrialization of the rest of the nation. While the first concentrates on small arms and munitions, the latter does mostly industrial tool production, and also produces mortars and other heavy metallurgy castings.

In 2973, an explosives company was nationalized and its equipment and personnel moved to Antiquia for absorption by that factory complex, becoming an integral part of InduMil. In 2991, it developed the Milkor MGL to increase its market share, and the weapon proved very popular both locally and among its international clients.

Over the last thirty years, the company has slowly acquired the title license for production of the Holy Grail assault rifle and its component parts. It remains only one of two such factories on the planet. In 3007, the company expanded its production to include the IMC-40, a detachable grenade launcher for their rifles. The company was proven profitable and has exported its products widely across the planet. Its future, however, was tied very closely to the existing military government in San Succi, and it proved a valuable prize to whomever seeks to control the nation.

In May 3021, during the civil war that wracked the nation, both facilities were looted. While the facility in San Succi was moth-balled prior to the troubles and its lines protected for long-term storage, the five lead lines (including the valuable HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle line) were stripped and taken under the “care” of * “The Iron Dingoes”. The northern facility was also stripped of several of its lines by raiding pirates, and though its tool and die shops survived, it ceased production for a year, while it underwent a massive retooling effort.

In early 3023, * “The Iron Dingoes” managed to get government funding for the rebuilding of a munitions plant in * Landhold : Garrison. With the Iron Dingoes providing personnel, a production site with support services, as well as the salvaged munitions lines themselves, and the Mercado Industrial Group guaranteed to provide logistics and raw materials, the facility was licensed to the government and mercenaries (for a 25%/25% production split) by Indumil. Production began once more on Indumil’s HG-7 Small Arms Repair Kit, HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle, IMC-40 Grenade Launcher, and the standard munitions for both weapons in mid-May of 3023, and has found national export sales to The Oriental Republic of San Isabel increasingly popular.


Indumil Mortar Rounds

The northern Santa Boyaca Factory has been rebuilt and still produces its classic 60mm Light Mortar; its cheap metal alloy M40 Combat Helmet (3kgs, 100 Cs; BAR – 3/4/3/1), primarily for its domestic market; and a large portfolio of simple hand tools for everything including; Basic Tool Kits (5kgs, 250 Cs; Wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers , etc.); Construction Tool Kits (3kgs, 300 Cs; Hammers, squares, saws chisels and hatchets); and Excavating Tool Kits (20 kgs, 200 Cs; Picks, shovels, mattocks and other similar tools). Its ANFO production line was looted of key modules during the 3021 raid, and has ceased to exist, though it still produces rounds for the 60mm Mortars.

In early-3025, the company was inducted into The Industrialist’s League, and took a prominent position as the nation’s primary military goods manufacturer. The company also began work on studying the advanced polymers involved in the combat armor of the Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023)s, though the suit’s advanced electronics proved a major hurdle to the independent development of the suit itself as a production item. This has since spun-off into the development of the _Sangrian Dumassas (Advanced) Infantry Field Kit, in 3030.

In early-3026, the company invested its recent profits in the salvaged foundry equipment from the Sanmotores GM plant, in San Succi. The equipment was shipped south to Ciudad Garcia, where the company built a new production facility, intending to establish a parts manufacturing plant from the equipment. Many assumed the plant was developing a line of utility vehicles, but in mid-3028, this was revealed to be a potential tank development program, starting with its own research into a new weapon system, the Victory 150mm Autocannon. The site was developed and completed in late-3029 by Grupo Odinsa, and was further under expansion to include the tank production plant for the Jabali “Wild Boar” MBT, a new tank design by Indumil for its national and allied armed forces.

At the same time, the company introduced the 120mm Towed Rifled Mortar to the national military, and used its northern munitions plant as the site for its manufacture, expanding that facility as well. Production of this new weapon system has begun in early-3028, largely taking over the facility left vacant by the loss of its ANFO production lines.

Indumil began producing its “Holy Grail” AR through a licensing program in Gollere’s * Manticora manufacturing facility in late-3026, mostly to equip the large militia force in the * Tharn Iron Legions, but also to other markets in the nearby constellation, such as System – Pa’an. This license agreement included production of its munitions and has led to a close working partnership with the design teams of Manticora, as well much needed income for its other projects.

Toady the company is both developing the military capabilities of its parent nation and their allies, and also seeking new markets for its production. Having several plants on Terramatrix and one on Gollere producing the popular Holy Grail combat rifle, the company is saturating those markets and seeks to expand into nearby systems, as well as along the Candle Route. Rumor has the company providing its arms to interested parties in Excalibur Corporations various planetary militias, as well as into the developing colonial regions of the Taurian Outback. If the company is to expand into further systems, its trade infrastructure will require major investment efforts to match those needs.


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