Intelsat "Predator's Eye"

Forgotten Satellite of the 689th Engineer Battalion


A powerful satellite of Star League manufacture, the Predator’s Eye (formerly “New Dawn”) was a popular addition to small military forces seeking secure communication channels in isolated portions of the Periphery. Easily deployed and cheap to manufacture, these satellites are very common in Aerospace reserves dating to the Star League era.

Model number: Intelsat “Predator’s Eye”
Unit type: Stealth Communications Satellite
Weight Class: Ultra-Light (5 tons)
Manufacturer: Terradyne Corporation
Operator: Star League
First deployment: Terran Hegemony
Accommodation: None (Automated)
Dimensions: X m Long x X m Wide.
Cargo: 50 kgs (Internal)
Armor materials: None.
Powerplant: IHI-BTT Power : Electric Solar Panels w/ Fusion back-up for manuever jets.
Propulsion: Star Bus 2.4 Thrusters : Station-Keeping Thrust (0.1 Gs)
Equipment and design features: Communications Equipment (Orbital and Jump-point Relay) : 2 tons.
Fixed armaments: None.

Notes : A “communications” equipped Mech or vehicle force can employ the following ability, with access to this satellite.

If one sub-unit is so assigned as a “coms” sub-unit per four total sub-units in a scenario, it grants all units the ability to increase its weapons’ maximum long-range by 1 hex; short- and medium-range brackets are unaffected (representing a comprehensive coordination of overlapping fields of fire). Note, that units within an effective ECM field will lose this benefit if their communications are “disrupted”.


Deployment History : The Predator’s Eye, was a traditional small coms satellite, first delpoyed by SLDF garrisons on Frontier worlds lacking a secure communications net and often possessing difficult terrain types. Small enough to avoid casual scrutiny by invading forces, it was built by manufacturers on Terra, and was yet powerful enough to provide communications to an entire continent. Intended to be stationed in geo-stationary orbit, the Predator’s Eye does its task easily.

*Variants *: The package payload of the Predator’s Eye is too small to do much other than its assigned job, and has little spare room for other payloads.

Intelsat "Predator's Eye"

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